Margaret Fox

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Name Margaret Fox
Actor Mia Ingimundson
Dates October 7, 1833 – March 8, 1893
2011 (spirit laid to rest by Sam Winchester)
Location Lily Dale, New York
Occupation Psychic
Episode(s) 7.07 The Mentalists


Margaret was a psychic who, with her sister Kate Fox, was among the founders of Lily Dale. They had a double act, but although Margaret had psychic talents, it was charismatic Kate who got the attention. She spent her life looking after her troubled sister.


7.07 The Mentalists

Angry that other, often fake, psychics are successful while he isn't, Jimmy Tomorrow binds the ghost of Margaret Fox to kill them, targeting the headline acts at the town festival. She kills Imelda Graven with her own crystal ball, Grandma Goldy with the planchette from her spirit board, Nikolai Lishin with his cutlery, and Camille Thibideaux by breaking her bones. Her sister Kate tries to warn the victims of their impending death.

After burning the bones of Kate, and realizing she is not the killer, Sam and Dean dig up Margaret's grave but find it empty. They decide someone has taken her bones in order to bind the ghost. As Dean tries to protect Melanie Golden, Sam returns to visit Jimmy to find who may have bought items necessary to bind a ghost, and Jimmy misdirects him to a house where a Lamaze class is held. Meanwhile Margaret attacks Dean and Melanie.

Realizing he's been duped, Sam returns and finds Margaret's skull on an altar and he confronts Jimmy. Jimmy has a gun, but Sam takes it from him, until Jimmy uses his psychic power to take it back. Sam destroys the altar, but Jimmy reveals that Margaret is happy to kill for him, as her abilities were overlooked in her life like his were and she's taken a liking to Jimmy, which he reciprocates. Jimmy refuses to let Sam destroy Margaret's bones, and Sam draws his own gun and shoots Jimmy. He finds Margaret's bones in Jimmy's bed and salts and burns them, destroying the ghost.

The Real Margaret Fox

Kate Fox was a real medium, one of three sisters: Kate, Margaret, and Leah.