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Name Marie
Actor Katie Sarife
Location Flint, Michigan
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 10.05 Fan Fiction


Marie is a student at St. Alphonso's Academy in Flint, Michigan. She is the writer/director and Sam Winchester understudy for the Supernatural musical.


10.05 Fan Fiction

Sam and Dean arrive to investigate the disappearance of drama teacher Mrs. Chandler. They meet Marie who is directing Supernatural: The Musical - her interpretation of The Supernatural Books.

Dean goes to Mrs. Chandler's office with Marie and checks out the props for the play. As they watch the rehearsal, Marie explains that the actors playing Sam and Dean are practicing the B.M. scene – the boy melodrama scene. Dean wants to know why they are standing so close together. “Reasons” responds Marie coyly. “You do know they're brothers?” Dean queries. He then demands they move apart.

Dean and Marie arrive in Mrs. Chandler's office, and Dean asks about the robot head. Marie says it is part of Act II and even though there is no "space" in Supernatural, Marie says her work is inspired by Carver Edlund's books. Marie says she wrote her own ending because she didn't like how things were left at the end of "Swan Song," but Dean, who claims to have access to the unpublished works, proceeds to tell her what really happened. Marie laughs at what she calls the worst fan fiction she has ever heard. Dean then sees Siobhan and Kristen, as "Dean" and "Castiel" hugging. Marie says they are a couple in real life, but they "do explore Destiel in Act II."

Marie tells them her story – that she saw a scarecrow take Maggie. Sam and Dean tell them the truth, and while Marie and Maeve don't believe they are the Winchesters, they are willing to accept that monsters are real. Marie then told them about her version of the scarecrow for the play, and they wonder if it is a Tulpa. They decide to burn the scarecrow in the hopes of ending the problem. Marie and Dean head to the boiler room to take care of the scarecrow, and Sam and Maeve continue to research the flower that was found at the scene. After burning the scarecrow, Sam deduces that the monster of the week is Calliope, the Muse. Calliope wants the show to go on, and then she eats the author.

Upon hearing this, Marie panics. Even though Dean doesn't believe in this interpretation of Supernatural, he gives Marie a pep talk, and she agrees to move forward with the show. Since Maggie is missing, Marie will play Sam. Meanwhile, Sam has secured weapons, wooden stakes, to kill Calliope. After the play starts, Sam is taken by the scarecrow. Dean and Marie wait for the scarecrow to reappear. This is followed with “A Single Man Tear.” Half-way through the song, the scarecrow reappears. Dean attacks him and a fight ensues. As Dean fights the scarecrow on stage, Maggie hits Calliope which allows Sam to grab the wooden stake and stab Calliope. At the same time, after Dean is thrown by the scarecrow, Marie, as "Sam," grabs the wooden stake and stabs the scarecrow. Both Calliope and the scarecrow burst into purple goo. The audience gives a standing ovation. Marie and Siobahn take a bow.

Backstage, Dean congratulates Marie on a job well done. He tells Marie to keep writing because he has his version of the story but she also has hers. As Dean turns to leave, Marie admonishes him for throwing away the Samulet, but Dean responds that he doesn't need a symbol to remind him how he feels about his brother. However, Dean takes the fake Samulet that Marie offers and they exchange an affectionate "Bitch Jerk." In the auditorium, someone has claimed the ticket left for the publisher. Marie approaches the man and asks what he thought of the show, Chuck replies “not bad.”