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Marksha Action Figure

Marksha is a nickname for the actor Mark Pellegrino who plays Lucifer. It originated on the Livejournal Mishaland, which is a CAPSLOCK COMMUNITY.

After the season five premiere, in which Mark made his first appearance, Mishaland's version of Mark (personified by LiveJournal user m_pellegrino) took over the community. All the graphics on the profile were photoshopped to include his face instead of Misha Collins' and the community was renamed Markshaland. Marksha's reign lasted for several days as members of the community sided with either Marksha or Misha, until Misha himself (personified by LiveJournal user m_collins) arrived to banish Marksha.

In December 2009, Marksha once again took over Mishaland in order to celebrate eight days of Markshakkah. A new enemy was 'roasted' by Marksha each day. However, his attempt to roast Misha on Day 8 forced m_collins to return. Marksha was promptly sent back to hell before m_collins implemented a new holiday, Mishmas, as a way of restoring peace to the land.

Despite being banished, Marksha's influence on the comm has been far reaching and has spawned many in-jokes.

The -sha suffix of Marksha's name is something of an honorific and also serves to make the name resemble Misha's. Misha and Marksha are essentially the God and Satan of Mishaland.