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Name Marlene
Actor Paula Lindberg
Dates  ???? – 2012 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Location Kansas
Occupation Vetala
Episode(s) 7.11 Adventures in Babysitting


Marlene is a vetala who works as a waitress at truck stops, so she and Sally can find victims. After they poison them, they take their rigs and abandon them at some distance from the trucks stop. They take the truckers to a building where thy feed on them over several days until the victim dies.


7.11 Adventures in Babysitting

Lee Chambers is a hunter pursuing what he thinks is a lone vetala. After Marlene drugs Lee, she and Sally take him to feed on. When Sam arrives at the truck stop, Sally lures him back between the trucks, and then she and Marlene overpower him.

When Dean arrives to rescue Sam and Lee, he knocks down Marlene, but Sally manages to grab Krissy Chambers who has followed Dean. However, Krissy manages to stab and kill Sally with a silver knife. Krissy frees Sam, and hands him her knife which he uses to kill Marlene.