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2x18 McG.png
Name McG
Actor Regan Burns
Location Los Angeles, California
Occupation Director
Episode(s) 2.18 Hollywood Babylon


McG is the director for Hell Hazers II: The Reckoning. He, along with the other producers, had been changing Walter Dixon's original script, although he only provided input in one instance and was often annoyed by constant changes in the scenes they developed.


2.18 Hollywood Babylon

McG is directing a scene where Tara Benchley is supposed to act frightened after running into a demon, but he is unable to get a proper reaction from her. While taking a break from filming, McG mistakes Tara's scream from seeing a ghost as practicing for the scene.

On set, he becomes annoyed by input from Brad Redding, who has a problem with every detail of the scenes. He is one among many people who witness Redding fall into a scene they were shooting, hanged by a noose. The next day, he announces that production has stalled for a few days because of the deaths of Brad and Jay, but he motivates everyone to pull together and finish making the movie.

After Walter is killed by vengeful spirits, Martin Flagg adds a scene where one of the characters shoots shotgun pellets filled with salt while the other uses her phone to see the spirits attacking them, reflecting his and Dean's encounter with the summoned spirits. McG clearly shows excitement at watching the scene and immediately adds the scene into the movie.


  • McG served as executive producer in seasons one through seven, and executive consultant in seasons eight and nine. In 2.18 Hollywood Babylon, the real McG makes a cameo appearance standing behind Sam and Dean in the scene where the crew is listening to the faux McG.