Melly Krakowski

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Name Melly Krakowski
Actor Jennifer Spence
Location Jenny Lake County, Wyoming
Episode(s) 15.06 Golden Time


Melly worked in finance, cashing out of her lucrative job before moving to Jenny Lake County with her son Caleb Krakowski in 2008.


15.06 Golden Time

Melly is waiting at the Sheriff's Department when she notices Castiel, whom she believes to be an FBI agent, and approaches him about her missing son, Caleb. She asks him for his help, which Castiel agrees to give.

When Castiel goes to search the woods, Melly follows and joins him. Learning about the missing people that Castiel has marked on a map, she tells him Caleb knows not to come to this area due to the danger of a local silver mine. News of the mine piques Castiel's interest, and Melly agrees to take him to it. Along the way, Castiel tells Melly they may be dealing with a djinn and that monsters are real. Suddenly the two come across an injured Caleb, who reports that he saw a monster dragging a body to the lake.

Sheriff Alden Roy then appears, revealing himself to be the djinn and his intent to kill Castiel and Krakowskis. After Castiel kills Sheriff Roy, he heals Caleb's ankle and bids them goodbye.