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Name Merle
Actor Sandra Ferens
Dates  ???? – 2020 (killed by Billie)
Location Lebanon, Kansas
Occupation Reaper
Episode(s) 15.12 Galaxy Brain


Merle was a reaper who appeared as an older woman with a curt demeanor. She was assigned to watch over Jack Kline to ensure he was sticking to Death's plans and not using his powers.


15.12 Galaxy Brain

Merle appears to Jack after he makes a silent prayer to Death, but gets Merle to appear in her stead. Jack questions why Billie didn't come to his aided when he called for her help against the Grigori, only to have Merle tell him she probably believed Jack could handle himself, and knew Casitel would save him. She goes on to tell him to relax and follow the rules, wait for instructions and no to use his powers under any circumstances.

When Jack decides he needs to save Kaia, Merle appears in the Bunker to try and dissuade him under threat of telling Death. Jack plays into her bluff, and tells her she could take the chance and tell Billie and risk the punishment that would come from things falling apart on her watch, or she could help them. Merle acquiesces, telling the Winchesters and Jack that they will need to fix the cosmic grade warding that was removed by Amara if they want to be sure Chuck doesn't become aware of Jack.

After Jack opened a rift to the Bad Place and Sam and Dean were able to rescue Kaia, a scythe pierces through Merle's neck, causing her to crumble to ash, as Billie makes her presence known, having killed Merle for failing at her one job -- keeping Jack from using his powers.