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Name Methuselah
Actor Nathan Kay
Occupation Orlando's Emporium Owner
Episode(s) 14.17 Game Night


Methuselah is a long-lived immortal who offered refuge to Joshua after the Fall.


14.17 Game Night

Castiel and Jo pay a visit to Methuselah at Orlando's Emporium to find out how Joshua made contact with God on Earth. Methuselah is less than inclined to talk with them, even daring Castiel to kill him and put him out of his misery. After Castiel calls his bluff, Methuselah grants them access to his emporium, telling the two angels that the "thingamajig" is somewhere among the clutter, and that as angels they should know it when they see it.

When Castiel finds Joshua's Amulet, Methuselah tells him that Joshua forged it after the Fall. When Castiel's attempt at contact goes unanswered, Methuselah tells him that the same thing happen to Joshua.


  • It is implied that Methuselah may be the Biblical Methuselah, the grandfather of Noah and according to the Bible the longest-lived person in history, having died at the age of 969 in the year of the great flood.