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Michael Mayo is the rigging gaffer.

The rigging gaffer works under the direction of the gaffer and the Director of photography. They have a crew of set lighting technicians and set wiremen, including a best boy, and is generally responsible for pre-lighting on set. Ahead of principal photography on a new scene or location, the rigging gaffer arrives to survey the site and plan installation as per the gaffer’s instruction. This person supervises the crew in unloading the lighting truck and installing cable, rigging equipment, and lighting instruments according to the gaffer’s design. Source.

The Title Card in 7.08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding! is a wedding cake that explodes, morphing into the goo of the Season 7 titles. The cake was made by Michael's daughter, National Award winning Pastry chef Caitlin Mayo of Cloverdale. [1] [2]