Michael Wheeler

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Name Michael Wheeler
Actor Brandon Jones
Dates  ???? – 2012 (killed by Brian Wilcox)
Location Washtenaw County, Michigan
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 8.04 Bitten


Michael was a college student from Washtenaw County, Michigan. He was a close friend of Brian Wilcox.


8.04 Bitten

Michael and his best friend Brian Wilcox meet Kate whilst filming in a cafe. They both fall in love with her, but she falls for Michael and they start a relationship.

He gets bitten by a werewolf and revels in his newfound strength and speed, until the lycanthropic craving for human hearts kicks in. He becomes more reserved and socially withdrawn, fearing for his own sanity and humanity, refusing Brian to "join in" on getting new powers. Brian—already envious of Michael's relationship with Kate—becomes jealous of his powers, and eventually tracks down the original werewolf who had turned Mike. Ludensky, a college professor, initially refuses to turn Brian, but does so after Brian threatens to expose him.

When confronted by Brian, Michael tries to explain that being a werewolf is a curse, but Brian doesn't listen. Their argument turns into a fight, with both Mike and Brian transforming and attacking each other. Brian eventually stabs Mike with a silver knife, killing him. His body is later covered in a sheet by Kate, and eventually discovered by Sam and Dean.