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Name Mickey
Actor Zachary Gulka
Location Amherst Junction, Wisconsin
Occupation Gas-n-Sip Clerk
Episode(s) 10.01 Black


Mickey is a Gas-n-Sip clerk in Amherst Junction, Wisconsin, who witnessed Dean kill a demon with the First Blade in the Gas-n-Sip where he works.


10.01 Black

When Sam finally gets a lead on Dean's location it takes him to Amherst Junction, Wisconsin, where posing as an FBI agent he is given access to security footage showing Dean killing a man in a Gas-n-Sip with the First Blade. Sam travels to the Gas-n-Sip where he interviews the clerk on duty the night of the murder, Mickey. Mickey relates to Sam what he saw when Dean aka "porn guy" was killing the other man, saying he was too worried he would be killed next to react in anyway. Before Sam leaves, Mickey does however give him the dead man's cell phone which he found under a shelf.