Micki Ramirez

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Name Micki Ramirez
Actor Lindsey Morgan
Location Austin, Texas
Occupation Texas Ranger (Cordell Walker's work partner)
Episode(s) 1.1 Pilot 1.02 Back in the Saddle 1.03 Bobble Head 1.04 Don't Fence me in 1.05 Duke 1.06 Bar None


Micki Floriana Ramirez, a retired army officer that was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She is the daughter of Dr. Adriana Ramirez. Her strained relationship with her mother is one of her motivations. She just got recently promoted from police trooper in Austin to Texas Ranger. This makes her one of few women rangers and 1st Latina-American woman. She is determined and focused and wants to prove to everyone and herself that she can make a difference by helping people. Micki is a fighter and believer in justice. Micki, in the short time she has been a Texas Ranger has already proven that she is loyal and trustworthy to her partner, Cordell Walker. Her co-workers have already put their trust in her but Micki is holding back on letting others into her circle of trust. Micki, at times is scared of taking a leap of faith and needs some encouragement that she is stronger then she looks. She can also be referred to as a member of Team Sassy Boots, or Muskrat. Micki is in a committed relationship with Trey Barnett who was also in the army as a medic. She currently lives with Trey.