Micki Ramirez

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Name Micki Ramirez
Actor Lindsey Morgan
Location Austin, Texas
Occupation Texas Ranger
Episode(s) 1.1 Pilot 1.02 Back in the Saddle 1.03 Bobble Head 1.04 Don't Fence me in 1.05 Duke 1.06 Bar None 1.07 Tracks 1.08 Fine is a Four Letter Word 1.09 Rule No. 17 1.10 Encore 1.11 Freedom 1.12 A Tale of Two Families 1.13 Defend The Ranch


Micki Floriana Ramirez, a retired army officer that was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She is the daughter of Dr. Adriana Ramirez. Her strained relationship with her mother is one of her motivations. She was promoted from police trooper to Texas Ranger. This makes her one of few women rangers and 1st Latina-American woman trooper. She has fight and insight on everything. She wears her heart on her sleeve and will tell you how it is. She will protect the people that she loves. She is in a relationship with Trey Barrett, who is a former army vet.

Season 1

Micki is partnered with Cordell after his return from being undercover for ten months. She is upfront with him that the job is important to her and as a Mexican-American woman she is under a lot of pressure and wants to do the job well.

Her boyfriend Trey Barnett who is an medic in the army, returns for a visit and decides to leave the military, and moves in with Micky. He takes on a job as Sports Director at the school the Walker children attend.

Micki's mother Dr. Adriana Ramirez comes to town when she is assigned to do a psychological evaluation on Cordell. When she is arrested on a DUI charge Micki is suspicious and suspects she is covering for someone. Adriana reveals to Micki that she is not her mother, but her aunt. Mickey's real name is Nina Ruiz. Micki's mother Mercedes left Micki with Mercedes and left due to her drug problem. When she returned and wanted her daughter back, Adriana paid her to leave. She changed her and Nina's names and they moved towns.