Molly McNamara

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Molly McNamra.jpg
Name Molly McNamara
Actor Tricia Helfer
Dates  ???? – February 22, 1992 (died)
1992 – 2007 (accepts her fate, and moves on)
Location Highway 41 in Nevada
Occupation Ghost
Episode(s) 2.16 Roadkill


In 1992, Molly McNamara and her husband David were driving along Highway 41 in Nevada when they hit and killed Jonah Greely. Molly died during the crash, but remained unaware that she had died, haunting the stretch of road she and Jonah died at even after she was cremated (apparently out of concern for her husband due to her lack of knowledge of his fate). Each year on the anniversary of his death, Jonah finds another car driver to kill, while simultaneously torturing Molly for her own role in his death.


Molly accepts her fate, and moves on.

2.16 Roadkill

When Sam and Dean meet Molly, who had learned about the deaths that took place on that highway at specific times of year, they don't tell her that she is dead, hoping she will help them find Jonah's remains. They find Greely's cabin, but Jonah grabs Molly and starts to torture her. Greely is dispatched when Sam salts and burns his corpse.

Finally the boys reveal to Molly that her husband is alive and she is dead. Satisfied that David is safe, Molly accepts her fate and her spirit moves on, disappearing with the sunrise.