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Name Moloch
Actor John DeSantis
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Location Tomahawk, Wisconsin
Occupation God of sacrifice
Episode(s) 12.18 The Memory Remains


Moloch was the god of sacrifice. In 1898, he was bound and trapped by the founders of Tomahawk, Wisconsin -- the Bishop family. Imprisoned in the family cellar, Moloch became so incredibly desperate for blood that he offered to give the Bishop family immense wealth and prosperity in exchange for yearly sacrifices. With the death of Barrett Bishop, Sr. in 1997, his son Sheriff Barrett Bishop, Jr. ceased making sacrifices to Moloch, in hopes that he would eventually starve to death.


Moloch is shot with the Colt.

12.18 The Memory Remains

Moloch is found in a weakened state, twenty years after Sheriff Barrett Bishop, Jr. stopped making sacrifices to him, by Bishop's half-brother Pete Garfinkle; while going through the Bishop family home looking for anything to pawn, Pete comes across Moloch locked away in the basement. Moloch strikes a deal with Pete to release him in exchange for great wealth. Pete releases Moloch and hides him away in Billhook Premium Quality Meats packing plant in a "broken" meat freezer and dons the Black Bill mask and begins sacrificing people to Moloch to help him regain his strength.

After the Winchesters discover the Bishop family secret, Dean is abducted by Pete and left bound in the meat freezer as a sacrifice to Moloch, where he soon frees himself. When he sees Moloch drag away the corpse of Daryn Boston, he arms himself with with a meat hook and begins a game of cat and mouse with the god. Dean is eventually able to stab Moloch in his side with the meat hook, but is quickly knocked into the wall. As Dean lays prone, Moloch begins approaching him menacingly when Sam bursts through the door, redirecting Moloch's attention. With the Colt in hand, Sam fires, hitting Moloch in his chest. Lightning emanates from the bullet hole before Moloch melts away into a viscous goo.


Moloch in Lore

Moloch is a Canaanite god, associated with child sacrifice. Rabbinic Judaism depicted Moloch as a large bronze statue of a human/horned beast hybrid, which would be heated by fire for children to be sacrificed into. Moloch is also mentioned in John Milton's Paradise Lost