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Name Ostium
Manufacturer Men of Letters
Powers Transports demons and monsters
Location/Owners Lawrence, Kansas
Episodes 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)
1.03 You're Lost Little Girl
1.07 Reflections
1.08 Hang On to Your Life

Six points of infinite light. The order must be right. To capture the darkness and the light.

– N/A, 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)


The Ostium is a "monster trap" that was built by the Men of Letters, it is adorned with various runes and powered by dark magic. The box is activated by the tracing of the runes in a precise order, once opened the box can trap demons, monsters and the Akrida.

Originally it was believed the Ostium was capable of killing the Akrida, but was later revealed that the box was designed to transport rather than kill. According to Henry Winchester, the Ostium's power source determines where the portal opens. With the Akrida, a piece rock from their home universe was needed to power the Ostium and send them back.


1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)

1.02 Teach Your Children Well

While under attack by zombies, Lata attempts to use the box against them, but it fails to work for some reason.

1.03 You're Lost Little Girl

The Monster Box is still powerless and the group searches for the partner of the demon that had possessed Ada in the hopes of finding out more information about it.

1.06 Art of Dying

Lata mentions that despite all of their research, the Monster Club still can't get the box to work again.

An Akrida is sucked into the Ostium.

1.07 Reflections

With the help of her son, Ada finds more information about the box in an abandoned Men of Letters office in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The notes prove to have been written by Henry Winchester and reveal that the box is actually called the Ostium. Rather than killing monsters, it banishes them from this plane of existence. In addition, the Akrida are all linked to their queen so banishing her would kill all of the rest. The Monster Club performs a seance to summon Henry's ghost who reveals that the box's power source determines where the portal will go. Henry directs John to a piece of the power source that he was given in case of an emergency which proves to be a rock from the Akrida's home universe. By placing it on top of the box, the group is finally able to recharge it.

In a final confrontation with Rockin' Roxy, Mary succeeds in using the Ostium to banish the Akrida leader, leaving behind Roxy's burned out body. However, this fails to affect the other Akrida, revealing that Roxy wasn't actually their queen. As John and Mary are cornered by several Akrida, an injured Samuel uses the Ostium to banish them all.

1.08 Hang On to Your Life

It's revealed that using the Ostium on Roxy and the other Akrida destroyed it and Ada is working on finding another magical solution. Millie later removes a piece of the box and is seen working on it, attempting to fix the Ostium.

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