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EveRising.jpgEve as mary in Mommy Dearest.jpg
Name Eve
Actor Julia Maxwell
Samantha Smith (6.19)
Dates Before angels – 2011 (killed by Dean Winchester with phoenix ashes)
Location Purgatory
Occupation Mother of All Monsters
Episode(s) 6.12 Like a Virgin
6.16 ...And Then There Were None
6.19 Mommy Dearest
6.20 The Man Who Would Be King

Your father made you and then abandoned you, so you pray. You see signs where there's nothing. But truth is, your Apocalypse came and went, and you didn't even notice. A mother would never abandon her children like He did. You'll see.

– Eve, 6.16 ...And Then There Were None


Eve was a primordial creature born of Purgatory, and first walked the Earth some 10,000 years ago.[1][2] Eve was known as the Mother of All, which refered to her creation of all monsters, and resided in Purgatory along with the souls of her fallen children.[3] Due to the hunting down of the Alphas instigated by Crowley and Castiel, this act of aggression forced Eve's hand which led her to enact a plan that first involved monsters turning more humans, increasing their ranks, dragons raising her from Purgatory, and ultimately the creation of a hybrid monster. A comment from the Alpha Vampire strongly implied that Eve was at least somehow related to, if not one of the Leviathans, a claim substantiated by the fact she is older than angels, is able to block their powers (similar to Edgar[4] and presumably other Leviathans), can shapeshift (although Eve doesn't seem to require any DNA in order to take a person's form), and bleeds black upon her death.[5]

Eve is the mother of a bloodline, the birthing entity at the moment of genesis for all the lines of monsterdom. So the Eve of monsters. And even being a pun – like the "eve of monsters" because there's a monster world she's moving towards.

Ben Edlund, Source


Eve captured on camera.

Unlike other monsters, Eve required the use of a vessel on Earth, specifically a virgin girl. Her true face could be seen through the use of cameras, where it appeared quite decrepit and rotted. Cameras may have difficulty recording her and the screen may be disrupted by static.[1] Her presence within a host body alters its physiology, causing it to continuously produce monster eggs even after the death of both Eve and the host.[6] Similar to the Leviathan, Eve had black blood, although her blood was greener and more watery.[2]

Powers and abilities

  • Birthing monsters – As the mother of all monsters, Eve had the ability to create new breeds and strains of monsters through experimentation.[1][2] Crowley discovered that even after her death, Eve's body continued to produce monster eggs.
  • Infectious contact – Eve can turn humans into monsters with a touch or bite.[2]
  • Levitation – Though only used once, upon being summoned from Purgatory, Eve rose up from the entrance levitating in her new vessel.[3]
  • Possession – Eve required a virgin sacrifice in order to manifest on Earth.[3]
  • Shapeshifting – Eve had the ability to instantaneously shapeshift, similar to the Alpha Shapeshifter.[2]
  • Super speed – Eve was shown to move fast enough to achieve results similar to teleportation.[2]
  • Telepathy – Eve had a psychic connection to all monsters. This allowed her to send them messages and compel them to do her bidding, even against their will. She in turn saw through the eyes of all monsters, heard what they heard, and knew what they knew.[2] When Crowley inserted an electric probe into her head after her death, a nearby restrained vampire reacted in agony, demonstrating that monsters were still psychically connected to her despite her demise.[6]
  • Warding – Eve knew how to hide herself from angels and also how to inhibit them from using their powers within a certain radius.[2]


  • Phoenix ashes – The ashes of a phoenix are the only thing capable of killing her.[7]


6.07 Family Matters

Sam: But if you're the first, who made you?
Alpha Vampire: Well, we all have our mothers. Even me.

Sam and the Alpha Vampire, 6.07 Family Matters

Eve is alluded to by the Alpha Vampire, who is being interrogated by Samuel Campbell. When Dean and Sam have a few moments alone with the Alpha Vampire, Sam asks him who made him (as he is the first of his own kind) and the Alpha Vampire replies that even creature like him have mothers.

The virgin sacrifice to raise Eve from Purgatory.

6.12 Like a Virgin

Dragons are abducting young women (virgins) and keeping them captive in a sewer. Dean obtains the Sword of Bruncvik and he and Sam track down the dragon's lair, finding a pile of gold, and the women. They also find an ancient manuscript which speaks of freeing Mother from Purgatory. Sam and Dean kill one of the dragons but one escapes. He meets up with another dragon who has also captured a half dozen women. They take one of the women and use an incantation to open a door to Purgatory. They throw the woman in, and she rises again, her body now inhabited by Eve.

6.16 ...And Then There Were None

Eve creates a being—called colloquially the Khan worm—that can enter a person's body through the ear and control their actions. Looking for somebody to infect with it, she finds a trucker and asks him to give her a ride. After her attempt to kiss the trucker fails and he tries to convert her to Christianity, Eve tears his religious faith down, calling Jesus a mere man and God an uncaring father who abandoned his children, unlike her. She then plants the Khan worm in the trucker's ear. He goes on to murder his entire family with a hammer before the worm passes to other meatsuits.

Meanwhile, Sam, Dean, and Bobby are investigating sudden hotspots of monster activity along I-80, which they realize to be Eve's work after finding footage of her infecting the trucker. Realizing that they are currently far outmatched by Eve, they decide that they have to find something to fight her off with before they run into her. First, however, they join Rufus in investigating the murders caused by the worm, and encounter Samuel Campbell and Gwen, who are hunting Eve and give Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Rufus some information on her. The worm causes the deaths of Gwen, Samuel, and Rufus. While the worm is possessing Bobby, it tells Dean and Sam that it is a new monster recently created by Eve, and that Eve intends for supernatural beings to take over the world. She also has a message for them that the worm relates: "She's pissed, she's here, and it's going to be nothing but pain for you from here on in."

6.18 Frontierland

Sam, Dean, and Bobby try to dig up something that can stop Eve. They discover a book in the Campbell Compound that states that the ashes of a phoenix burn Eve. Sam and Dean have Castiel send them back in time to use the Colt to kill the only known phoenix and collect his ashes to use on Eve. Now armed with the means to kill Eve, they decide to hunt her down.

6.19 Mommy Dearest

Eve appears at a bar in Grants Pass, Oregon, where she proceeds to turn everyone into hybrids monsters, provoking a mass feeding frenzy while she picks up a drink and watches. She is using the town as a test-bed to create a new type of monster which she wants to use to convert all of humanity. Several of her early experiments result in failure as the creatures die prematurely.

Castiel tracks down Lenore the vampire, who describes how she along with the others in her nest have been unable to resist Eve's call to arms, and that through them, Eve will know what the Winchesters are up to. She tells where Eve is, and then begs to be killed so she doesn't kill again. Castiel obliges.

When Dean, Sam, Bobby and Castiel arrive in town, Castiel finds himself blocked from using his angelic powers by Eve. However they manage to find that a guy called Ed Bright had attended a doctor—Dr. Silver—who had subsequently reported his illness to the Centers for Disease Control. At the surgery Dean and Castiel find Bright's decomposing body. At Bright's home, Dean and Sam find a roomful of dead bodies that all look like Ed Bright—obviously some form of shapeshifter. One is still alive—Ed's friend Marshall Todd—who tells them about the woman who passed them at the bar.

At the bar, they find everyone dead. On examination Dean finds they have strange attributes—one has vampire teeth, but the spike of a wraith. Dean dubs these hybrids Jefferson Starships. It appears some fever had killed them all. Castiel, Bobby and Sam are taken hostage by monsters disguised as police, but Dean rescues them.

Sam and Dean find two orphaned boys—Joe and Ryan Silver—held captive and over Castiel's objections, drive them to their uncle's home in nearby Merlin. In their absence Castiel interrogates one of Eve's children, learning her exact whereabouts.

With Bobby and Castiel waiting outside, the brothers enter the diner in which Eve is hiding and discover that they are surrounded by hybrids and Eve herself confronts them in the guise of a waitress. Eve takes their weapons and detects phoenix ash in the shotguns, so she hands them over to one her children and orders their immediate disposal. She then explains to the boys the reason she's on Earth and what she hopes to achieve. To emphasize her point, she transforms into the likeness of Mary Winchester and tells them that every action she's taken has been because of "a mother's love".

Eve dying after ingesting phoenix ash.

Eve goes on to explain that she had been satisfied with the balance between mankind and monsters, but since her children started being captured and tortured by Crowley, she had decided to rise up from Purgatory and retaliate. Dean is quick to point out that her arrival was pointless, as Crowley had already been dealt with months ago. Eve is unconvinced, however, and informs them that Crowley is indeed alive and in hiding, but is still carrying out his search for Purgatory. She explains that Crowley is not after Purgatory itself, but rather the souls that dwell within it. Monster souls, like humans, are very powerful and are essential for fueling a war machine capable of untold power. For what purpose Crowley wants this power, she does not reveal. But to cripple his plans, Eve intends to turn the whole world into monsters so that she can "see how hot his Hell burns when all your souls come to me".

Eve then informs them of the "perfect monster" she has created in Ryan Silver and of the mass-infection that they inadvertently helped spread. Her monsters bring Castiel and Bobby into the diner, and informs Castiel that he can't use his powers because they are being halted by Eve due to her knowledge on angels due to predating them. She offers Sam and Dean the chance to work for her in capturing Crowley. Dean refuses to work with a monster, however, and tells Eve to "bite me". She obliges, but staggers back upon tasting phoenix ash in his blood, to which Dean reveals that he ingested some ash with a shot of whiskey. Eve chokes and burns from the inside before falling to the floor, dead. The monsters attack all at once, but with Eve no longer suppressing Castiel's powers he releases a devastating blast of white light that kills all the monsters in the diner.

Castiel then teleports them all to Joe and Ryan's uncle's house to stop the children, who have already murdered their uncle, only to discover both kids dead and traces of sulfur; the work of a demon. Castiel later returns to the diner and observes Eve's body and the corpses of her children, before being met by Crowley, who expresses his dissatisfaction with having to clean up after the angel's messes.

Crowley experimenting on Eve's corpse.

6.20 The Man Who Would Be King

Eve's corpse has been retrieved by Crowley and is in the process of being dissected. Crowley reveals that, although she is dead, her body keeps producing monster eggs. Crowley berates Castiel for allowing the Winchesters to kill Eve, as she could open Purgatory and had thus been their best chance at acquiring the souls it contains. Later, Bobby cites Eve as just one example of the dangerous creatures in Purgatory that Castiel is going to unleash.

6.21 Let It Bleed

Eve is mentioned by Bobby and Eleanor Visyak. Bobby brings her up and asks Eleanor why she hasn't caused the sort of mayhem Eve did upon her release from Purgatory, but Eleanor says that she is different from Eve and that she actually likes Earth. She reveals that she had actually tried to prevent Eve's arrival by providing Sam and Dean with the Sword of Bruncvik so that they could slay Eve's dragons before they freed her.

7.02 Hello, Cruel World

Eve is mentioned in passing by Sam, who compares how she possessed people to how the Leviathans are possessing people.

7.22 There Will Be Blood

Eve is mentioned by the Alpha Vampire when he tells Edgar that "we come from you" and that he is a "son of Eve," heavily implicating that Eve was related to, in some way, the Leviathans herself. Edgar, however, dismisses their connection, stating that the Alpha is a mere mutt and that Eve was a whore, prompting an enraged Alpha into attacking him with borax.

15.09 The Trap

After Dean and Castiel return to Purgatory, a Leviathan reveals that Eve is seeking revenge upon them for killing her, killing the Alphas and absorbing the souls of Purgatory. After Dean is knocked out, Castiel surrenders to the Leviathans to save his friend and the Leviathans attempt to bring Castiel to Eve. However, Castiel manages to escape with a Leviathan Blossom and reunites with Dean to return to Earth shortly before the portal closes.

Eve in Lore

The Abrahamic religions involve a primary female figure named Eve in their lore. In the Old Testament (primarily the Book of Genesis), Eve is said to be the first woman created, and her disobedience of God's instruction (eating of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) leads to the expulsion of herself and Adam from the Garden of Eden (Source).

The concept of a Mother Goddess is found in cultures around the world in many forms. It is often theorised that matriarchal religions, those that worshiped a female deity, proceeded the patriarchal religions such as the Abrahamic ones (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) that worshiped a male one (God). Other religious traditions focus on the balance of the masculine and feminine within a deity or deities.

Some interpretations of European dragon myths read them as symbolising the battle of patriarchal religions to defeat the old Mother Goddess religions (represented by the dragon), with women reduced to powerless women that need to be rescued (Source).

Echidna - daughter of Gaia also known as mother nature - is a Greek goddess who is also known as the "Mother of All Monsters" because she was the source of all the monstrous creatures in Greek mythology (Source).

Another predominant mother goddess of ancient peoples was Asherah. In early Judaic religions, she was worshiped alongside the God of Israel as his consort, though her history extends much further back. She is also known by the name "Rabat Chawat Elat" or "Great Lady Eve the Goddess," among many others. Her symbol was the serpent. This was said to represent wisdom, healing, and immortality. Another of her symbols was the Tree of Life. She is believed to have inspired the character of Eve in the Genesis myth.

Eve in Fandom