Janet and Henry Whitman

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Name Janet Whitman
Henry Whitman
Actor Anne Marie DeLuise
Andrew Airlie
Location Beaverdale, Iowa
Episode(s) 15.04 Atomic Monsters


The Whitmans are the parents of Billy Whitman. When their son accidentally killed his girlfriend after being turned into a vampire, the Whitmans covered up her death to protect their son.


15.04 Atomic Monsters

The Whitmans approach Vice Principal Bailey about the Friday lacrosse game being rescheduled for a service in honor of Susie Martin. They ask if the school could just keep it to a prayer at halftime, because a scout from Yale is planning to be in attendance and they want their son Billy to get into his first choice of college. Sam is astonished at their lack of empathy for Susie's death.

Later, Janet finds Billy speaking with Veronica in the gymnasium and calls for him to leave. Back at their home, Janet and Billy argue about his wanting to help with Susie's memorial, as Henry washes his blood-stained hands in the kitchen sink. Janet and Henry try to explain to Billy that everything they've done has been to help him be happy. Billy angrily counters that he never asked them to, causing Janet to leave the room in tears.

Sam and Dean discover that the Whitmans' car was used in the abduction of Tori Taylor, who has been bound in the Whitman's basement being drained of her blood. When the Winchesters enter the Whitmans' home, Henry sends Billy upstairs while the brothers reveal that they know he took Tori. After hearing a noise in the basement, Sam goes to investigate. Henry offers himself up to be arrested if his family is left alone. Dean corrects him and pulls out a machete, telling Henry they are not FBI and know what he is.

As Sam finds Tori bound in the basement, Janet sneaks up on him with a gun and forces the two upstairs. Henry tells Janet to put the gun down and that it's over, and to take Billy and leave. When Billy comes downstairs asking what is going on, Dean reveals that Henry is a vampire and behind the murder of Susie Martin. Sam corrects him, telling Dean he believes Billy is the vampire. Billy admits to killing Susie, and telling his parents, who covered it up and kidnapped Tori Taylor to help feed their son. Henry attempts to appeal to the Winchesters, telling them Billy was also a victim, and when Dean points out Henry was willing to get his head cut off, he says he would die for his child. When Janet wants to kill the Winchesters, Billy talks his mother down − offering up a way out for them. He tells them to take Tori to a hospital and to tell the police he kidnapped her and "ran away", while he goes with Sam and Dean. After a tearful goodbye with his mother, Janet and Henry go through with the plan and report their son to the police after he leaves with the Winchesters.