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Name Mr. Fizzles
Actor Mr. Fizzles
Occupation Hunter
Sock puppet
Episode(s) 7.18 Party On, Garth


Mr. Fizzles works with Garth. He is known for his skilled interrogation techniques. It is unknown how long he has worked with Garth, or whether he remained with Garth after he became a werewolf.


7.18 Party On, Garth

After brothers Trevor and Ray McAnn are killed by the shojo released by Dale Lampert, their grieving mother Lillian pours an orange juice for Tess, and one with vodka for herself, which her young daughter Tess accidentally drinks. Inebriated, Tess can see the shojo as it kills her mother.

When Garth and Dean speak to Tess, she is initially reluctant to talk about what she saw. However, Garth enlists the help of Mr. Fizzles, and Tess reveals to him that she did see a monster (with claws) after she "drank a grown-up drink."[1]

8.10 Torn and Frayed

Garth's boat is called "Fizzles' Folly" and is presumably named after Mr. Fizzles.

Mr. Fizzles in Fandom

  • Actor DJ Qualls has said "I will entertain the idea of possibly doing a karaoke duet with Mr. Fizzles at a future Con. I have a song in mind. No promises".source