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Powers and Abilities Can imitate the cry of a baby
Vulnerabilities Salting and burning of the ghost's physical remains
Appearance The form of the deceased
Episode(s) 12.03 The Foundry

Yeah, from Scandinavian lore. Uh, children's spirits, vengeful ones. 'Their cries to help lure adults to their death.'

Sam Winchester, 12.03 The Foundry


A myling is the vengeful spirit of a child who lures adults to their deaths.


12.03 The Foundry

After encountering the ghost of Lucas Kellinger, Sam suspects him to be a myling due to his spirit having appeared in a house where adults were lured to their deaths. However, Mary Winchester recognizes that Lucas meant her no harm and was scared and discovers that Lucas is instead a victim of Hugo Moriarty - the true culprit.

Mylings in Lore

Mylings in Scandinavian folklore, are the souls of unbaptized children, who are forced to wander the earth until they force someone to give them a proper burial. It is believed that a myling will jump on the back of a lone wanderer and demand they take it to a graveyard, so it may rest on hollow ground. Mylings are said to be large and grow heavier when they approach a graveyard, if the person carrying the myling cannot make it to the cemetery, the myling will kill them out of rage.

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