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Name Narfi
Actor Michael Adamthwaite
Dates  ???? - 2018 (killed by Gabriel)
Location Central City, Colorado
Occupation Norse Demigod
Episode(s) 13.20 Unfinished Business


Narfi was a son of Loki, and close friends with Gabriel, who after faking his death sought asylum with Narfi and his brothers Fenrir Odensbane and Sleipnir in Monte Carlo, where the four partied with porn stars. When the Apocalypse was looming and it appeared that Lucifer would be victorious, Narfi, along with his brothers, bound and kidnapped Gabriel on orders of his father and sold him off to the Prince of Hell Asmodeus.


13.20 Unfinished Business

Lamenting the disrespect upon the sight of Fenrir's dead body, Sleipnir notices that Fenrir got a few hits in before being killed. Narfi examines and tastes the blood, and realizes it is blood from an archangel, prompting Sleipnir to make a phone call to their father.

Narfi and Sleipnir track Gabriel down to the Winchesters' motel and attack the brothers. During the fight, Narfi begins to overpower Sam, but is run through with a wooden sword by Gabriel and killed. Later, Dean remarks that he and Sam broke into a junkyard and disposed of Narfi's corpse in a car crusher.

Narfi in Lore

Narfi was the son of the Norse Trickster Loki and his wife, the Norse æsir goddess Sigyn. In Norse mythology, Narfi met a grisly end when the other gods turned his brother Vali into a wolf who tore Narfi apart. His intestines were then used to bind Loki to a rock as punishment, where a snake would drip venom onto his face.


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