Nightmare Creatures

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Nightmare Creatures
Powers and Abilities Impervious to most harm
Vulnerabilities Stabbing it in the heart will destroy it
Appearance Varies
Episode(s) 14.05 Nightmare Logic

Djinn -- What powers do we really have? Trapping our little flies, weaving our poisonous webs inside people's minds. It's all so limiting. Now, one touch -- I read minds, see nightmares. And because of him, because of you, I can bring those nightmares into the world -- make them do whatever I want.

Neil, 14.05 Nightmare Logic


After Michael enhances some djnns, they gain the ability to divine a person's nightmares and make them physically manifest in the real world. These nightmare creatures are tied to the will of the djinn and under its control.


Powers and abilities

  • Invulnerability – The creatures are impervious to bullets and most attacks.
  • Super strength – The creatures have strength that far exceeds humans, and are capable of lifting a fully grown man off the ground single-handedly.


  • Piercing the chest – Piercing their chest with any sharp object will cause them explode into dust.


14.05 Nightmare Logic

Patrick Rawling

When the djinn Neil sees Patrick Rawling's worst nightmare, it is that Patrick would die alone -- "unmourned, unloved, rotting away in the family crypt" -- due to his own regret. This manifests as a ghoulish version of Patrick which lurks around the family crypt. This creature is spotted by teenagers drinking on the Rawling family cemetery, and they flee believing they've seen a "walker". Maggie goes to investigate the incident and gets captured by the ghoul and locked in the attic.

When Dean and Bobby investigate the grounds and find a shed in the woods, Dean is attacked by Patrick's ghoul. In the struggle the ghoul is pierced through the heart, causing it to explode into dust.

Bobby Singer

As Dean and Bobby come across a shed on the grounds, Bobby spots a figure walking in the woods and goes to investigate. After Dean kills the creature that attacked him in the shed, Dean returns to the house to inform Sam and Mary, while Bobby says he's going to his truck to grab something. He instead goes back to the woods and is confronted by a nightmarish version of his son, Daniel Singer, with his eyes burned out, as if he were smote by an angel. This Daniel greets Bobby as "Dad" before he begins attacking Bobby. Daniel is able to lift Bobby single-handedly into the air, and pin him to a tree with an angel blade. As he is about to deliver a killing blow, Mary appears and begins opening fire on Daniel, which has no effect. As he jumps on Mary and begins choking her, Bobby is able to free himself. Tackling Daniel off of Mary, he apologizes before stabbing him the chest with an angel blade.


After Maggie is captured by the ghoulish Patrick, Neil reads her mind, learning that she comes from Apocalypse World and that her greatest fear is vampires, due to how her family was killed in Apocalypse World. After she is put on a rig to drain her blood in the house's attic, an Apocalypse World vampire stands guard over her, preventing Sasha Rawling from entering the attic but not pursuing her.

Upon realizing that the creature is protecting something in the attic, Sam goes to investigate and finds Maggie, weak but still alive, being drained of her blood. She is able to regain consciousness enough to warn Sam, allowing him to stab the vampire in the chest with his machete, causing it to explode into dust.