Nora (Heaven Can't Wait)

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Name Nora
Actor Tanya Clarke
Location Rexford, Idaho
Occupation Gas-N-Sip Manager
Episode(s) 9.06 Heaven Can't Wait


Nora is a single mother and the manager of the Gas-N-Sip in Rexford, Idaho that Castiel — as "Steve" — worked at during his exile from the bunker. She has a daughter named Tanya.


9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

Nora appears to enjoy working with Castiel, as he's an incredibly hard worker. She approaches Castiel with what he believes to be a proposition for a date on their night off, only for him to realize she had wanted him to babysit her daughter, Tanya, while she went out on a date herself.

After her date, she tells Castiel that the fact that he overreacted to Tanya's fever, that he cares so much, is what makes him special.