Nurse Forman

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Name J. Forman
Actor Lara Gilchrist
Dates  ???? – 2010 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Ketchum, Oklahoma (Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital)
Occupation Wraith
Episode(s) 5.11 Sam, Interrupted


Nurse Forman was posing as a staff member at Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital. She was actually a wraith who attacked a number of patients due to the nature of their brain chemistry saturating their brains with various hormones and chemicals making them particularly delicious.


5.11 Sam, Interrupted

Nurse Forman greets Sam and Dean Winchester at Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital with a check up, checking their blood pressure, among other things.

As Sam and Dean begin their investigation, and end up in the hospital's morgue. Forman walks in on them after checking the body of a recently deceased patient, unable to think of something Dean pulls down his pants, and throws his arms over his head and screams "pudding!" to an amused Forman who leads them out the door.

Her spike protrudes from her wrist.

Walking the halls, Dean and Martin Creaser hear a scream and rush to fellow patient, Wendy's, room. There they find Nurse Forman with pulling a spike protruding from her wrist out of Wendy's brain. Dean unsure if what he is seeing is real, is assured by Nurse Forman that it's very real. Forman throws Dean against the wall, while Martin attacks with his blade, but she throws him into the hall. Forman pins Dean to the wall by the throat, punching him several times. Martin, meanwhile, grabs his blade and attacks Forman, who releases Dean and puts a hand up to shield herself, cutting her hand in the process. Injured, Forman retreats and shuts the door, locking the hunters in with Wendy's body.

Cradling her hand, Forman spots two orderlies and alerts them that they she had been attacked. The two orderlies rush off, as she heads down the hall with a smile.

She makes her way to a padded cell, where Sam has been restrained, and quickly realizes that she is the wraith and she's the one that caused him and Dean to feel crazy. She explains the crazier a person is, the better their brains taste and Glenwood is her own personal five-star restaurant. As she is about to feed on Sam, Dean enters, having escaped the orderlies, with a silver letter opener in hand. Dean swings the blade at her, but she ducks and throws him into the wall, causing Dean to drop his blade. Forman continues to throw Dean around, pinning him by the throat. She raises her hand, allowing her skewer to pop out, and aims it at Dean's forehead. As Dean struggles, he is able to grab the skewer with his other hand and breaks it in half. Forman screams as she backs into the other wall, holding her injured hand, allowing Dean to run over to the blade. As Forman turns towards him, yelling in rage. Dean stabs the blade into her heart, the silver burning her as she hits the wall and slides to the floor. With her death, Sam and Dean revert back to normal.