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OTP is an acronym that stands for One True Pairing.

The phrase is used to describe a relationship between two characters that a fan believes is the only "real" relationship allowed or possible. Adherence to the OTP may range from the rabid (where hate will be directed toward all other 'ships), to a general statement of the fan's preferred reading or writing preferences.

In many fandoms, groups of fans with differing OTPs will engage in vehement discussions, known as shipping wars often leading to wank.

In Supernatural, there is a noted absence of shipping wars, due to the presence of only two main characters – Sam/Dean – if a fan is comfortable with Wincest. From Season Four onwards, there have been some conflicts between fans of Sam/Dean and those of the new pairing of Dean/Castiel.

In Season One, for fans of het, there was some tension between fans who saw Sam/Jess as the OTP, once Sam/Sarah emerged after Provenance, but this was relatively minor.

In RPS, more opportunities for tension arise. Jsquared is the OTP for most, although both actors occur in a number of pairings both slash and het.