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Name Oliver
Actor Callum Seagram Airlie
Dates 2006 (born)
Occupation Demigod
Episode(s) 8.16 Remember the Titans


Son of the Greek Titan Prometheus and Hayley, Oliver inherited his father's curse in which he dies and comes back to life everyday.


He appears as a young boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Born as a demigod, he may not have any abilities or has yet to demonstrate any, though due to inheriting his father's curse, he was able to die and comes back to life everyday.


8.16 Remember the Titans

Oliver along with his mother, Hayley visit Dean and Sam at their hotel, after investigating the zombie report which lead them to the boys. He gets to see his father for the first time after Prometheus re-animates from the heart attack he received earlier due to his curse.

After they had being taken to the Bunker, Oliver dies from a nasty fall and Hayley explains that he comes back alive again just like Shane (Prometheus). The boys explain to Hayley that Oliver has likely inherited his father's curse along with the fact that Shane (as he is known to them) is actually a Greek Titan called Prometheus.

Later on, after summoning Zeus to lift the curse from Prometheus and Oliver, Hayley, not wanting her son to die and come back alive everyday, helps Zeus to escape but this backfires and Zeus uses the opportunity to torture Prometheus and later kill Oliver.

Oliver looks on as his father is shot by Artemis' arrow which kills him and Zeus since Prometheus shoved it into Zeus as well. Since Zeus died, the curse was lifted. Oliver later watches as Dean and his mother cremate Prometheus and finally talks when Sam asks him if he wants to go get ice cream, telling him no.