Pa Bender

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Pa Bender.jpg
Name Pa Bender
Actor John Dennis Johnston
Dates  ???? - 2006 (killed by Deputy Kathleen Hudak)
Location Hibbing, Minnesota
Occupation Cannibal
Episode(s) 1.15 The Benders


Pa Bender is the leader of the cannibalistic Bender family in Hibbing, Minnesota. With his children Missy, Jared and Lee Bender, he abducts people, lets them loose in the woods with a weapon (to give them a fighting chance), and then hunts them down. This was a family tradition passed down from father to son, according to Pa this was only done once or twice a year in order to keep the law from coming down on them.


1.15 The Benders

Pa Bender makes his presence known when he sneaks up behind Deputy Kathleen Hudak and knocks her out with a shovel. Later when Dean arrives at the house, he is able to once again sneak up from behind and knock him out. The Benders then tie Dean to a chair, and Pa begins questioning him if he was with the deputy and if any more cops were going to show up, Dean proceeds to insult him which leads to Pa threatening Dean with a hot poker unless he decides who should be the one who gets hunted tonight, Sam or Deputy Hudak. Dean tells him no one is coming, but Pa still wants Dean to choose, and burns him with the hot poker. Dean then chooses Sam to be the hunt, however Pa decides to have Lee shoot Sam in the cage, and then the deputy.

When Pa hears a gunshot, but not Lee's response to his call, he assumes something may be wrong, and takes Jared with him out to the barn to find out what happened. Pa is then accidentally shot by Jared while he was trying to shoot Sam. After Sam knocks out Jared and places him in a cage, Deputy Hudak tells him she'll watch Pa, while Sam goes to check on Dean. Pa threatens Deputy Hudak, who then tells him that he killed her brother, and wants to know why? With a cackle Pa tells her, "Because it’s fun." Horrified, Deputy Hudak shoots and kills him.

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