Pastor Gideon

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Name David Gideon
Actor Larry Poindexter
Location Blue Earth, Minnesota
Occupation Pastor
Episode(s) 5.17 99 Problems


Pastor David Gideon and his daughter, Leah, live in Blue Earth, Minnesota. Leah claims she is a prophet and that she is communicating with angels to help the townspeople in Blue Earth fight demons, and the pastor takes up arms in the fight with the Sacrament Lutheran Militia. He organizes the citizens as they combat the demon attacks on their town.


5.17 99 Problems

When Castiel reveals that Leah is being impersonated by the Whore of Babylon, he says that only a true servant of Heaven can kill the Whore using a stake of Cypress from Babylon. It is decided the only worthy person is Pastor Gideon. Castiel transports him to Sam and Dean, who explain the situation. Pastor Gideon is reluctant, but agrees to kill the Whore. He is unsuccessful in his attempt, so Dean completes the act.

Gideon in Lore

Gideon, which means "destroyer," "mighty warrior," or "feller (of trees)," was judge of the Hebrews. He is also named in the Epistle to the Hebrews as an example of a man of faith.