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Name Jim Murphy
Actor Richard Sali
Dates  ???? - November 2006 (killed by Meg)
Location Blue Earth, Minnesota
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 1.21 Salvation


Jim Murphy is a pastor who also works as a hunter. His church is in Blue Earth, Minnesota. He has been a friend of John Winchester's since at least 1989. Jim looked after Sam and Dean for John on occasion and was their emergency contact in their childhood should something go wrong while John was not around.[1] By November 2006, however, he has not seen or spoken to John for a year and has no idea of his whereabouts. He is killed by Meg as part of her plan to force John to hand over the Colt.[2]


1.10 Asylum

Sam mentions that Jim is another one of their hunting friends who has not heard from John recently.

1.18 Something Wicked

In Dean's flashback of John questioning him on what to do while John's gone, Dean says that he is to call Jim if John isn't back by Sunday night. After the shtriga attacks, John takes Dean and Sam to Jim and leaves them in his care as he goes back to hunt the shtriga.

1.21 Salvation

Jim is in his church when Meg arrives. He is initially unaware that she is a demon (as she is present on hallowed ground) and lends her a sympathetic ear as she confesses her sins. Once he realizes what she is, he finds a knife to fend her off with, only for her to use it to kill him. Caleb investigates his death and reports it to John, who is extremely upset at his friend's murder at the hands of a demon. Learning of Jim's death strengthens John's resolve to kill Azazel and stop the demons' plans. Later on, Meg taunts John about her murdering Jim and reveals that she did so because she wants him to give her the Colt.


  • Although Jim's denomination is not explicitly stated, he wears a clerical collar and is addressed as "Pastor Jim." The interior of his church can be seen in 1.21 Salvation.
  • Has a hidden arsenal in his office in the basement of his church.[2]
  • The tie-in comic Supernatural: Origins #4 offers further back story on Jim Murphy, including his history as a hunter. In this tie-in, Jim uses a psychic ability to provide clues to John about his wife's killer. In the comic, he is depicted wearing a black cassock with collar and purple stole, and his church is similar to that shown in 1.21 Salvation with the addition of a large crucifix.