Patience Turner

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Name Patience Turner
Actor Clark Backo
Dates 1999
Location Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Occupation Psychic
Episode(s) 13.03 Patience
13.09 The Bad Place
13.10 Wayward Sisters

You raised me to do what's right, and this is what's right. If I don't go, people will die.

– Patience Turner, 13.09 The Bad Place


Patience Turner is the estranged granddaughter of Missouri Moseley and the daughter of Tess and James Turner. After she failed to foresee the death of his wife, James cut all ties with Missouri. Patience grew up believing that her grandmother was a fraud who had abandoned her and her father.

At the age of 18, Patience began exhibiting psychic abilities, receiving visions of her and other people's possible deaths. In 2017, when a wraith feeding on psychics kills Missouri, Dean and Jody rush to protect Patience and James. It is then that she learns of her grandmother's powers, and that her father had lied to her about the reason for their estrangement from her. Patience is captured by the wraith but her visions help aid Jody, Dean, and James in rescuing her.

Dean, still dealing with the loss of Mary and Castiel, warns Patience to listen to her father, suppress her gift, and stay away from anything supernatural. Jody advises her to do what she feels is right for her, and tells her she is always welcome at Jody's place. Soon after, Patience is unable to ignore more visions, and she leaves home against her father's wishes and heads to seek help from Jody.

Patience moves in with Jody, Claire, and Alex, and returns to school in Sioux Falls.


13.03 Patience

Patience meets up with a friend by their school lockers, where they chat about volleyball. As they part company, Patience finds herself alone in the corridor with flickering lights. She follows a blood trail and sees her grandmother slumped, bloody, against the wall just before she is attacked from behind. Patience is suddenly jostled awake from her nightmare, just before her alarm goes off. She gets up and goes down into the kitchen where her father James asks if she slept. She tells him of her nightmare, but he dismisses it as nothing to worry about.

The next day, Patience and her friend are walking down the school corridor towards their lockers talking about boys. The scene from her dream is replayed and Patience sees a flickering vision of her grandmother again. As she goes to close her locker door she is confronted by the grinning wraith, spike exposed. He attacks her, but she fights back and manages to snap his spike off. Patience attempts to run away but is quickly tackled. As they fall on the floor, Dean and Jody Mills arrive. Dean shoots the wraith in the back, causing him to flee outside. Dean gives chase while Jody checks on Patience. Dean, however, loses the wraith when he is nearly run over. Back in the school, Dean and Jody explain to Patience that the wraith is stalking psychics. Patience denies being a psychic, saying that her grandmother was a fraud who abandoned her family.

At home, the truth about Missouri and her powers is revealed to Patience. James, not wanting to get into things any deeper, tells Patience to go and pack. In her bedroom she takes a jeweled brooch from a box and sees her mother’s funeral and her grandmother’s farewell and promise of protection. She opens her closet and finds herself face-to-face with the wraith. Jody, Dean, and James race upstairs upon hearing her screams, but they enter her room to find only an open window. Revealing himself capable of magic and divination, James is able to trace the location of Patience.

Patience finds herself tied to a chair in a dimly-lit basement. The wraith explains that he wants to feed on her forever but just as he is about to begin, Dean, Jody, and James run in. As James tries to untie Patience, he is impaled through the neck with the wraith's spike. The wraith then gets the drop on Jody, stabbing her with her own knife. After a brief fight with Dean, the wraith repeatedly stabs Dean in the gut. Patience sees all their dead faces and is then back in the present, revealing their deaths to have been a vision.

As the wraith prepares to feed on Patience, James, Jody, and Dean arrive. When the wraith hides, Jody and Dean begin searching for him while James unties Patience. Realizing what will happen, Patience warns her father to move, causing the wraith to miss him with his spike, instead knocking James unconscious. Patience warns Jody the wraith is behind her, allowing Jody to defend herself, although she is knocked out during their struggle. The wraith takes Jody's knife and seeks out Dean. Patience is able to warn Dean in time and in the ensuing fight, Dean stabs the wraith in the heart with Jody's knife, killing him.

The next morning, Dean and Jody meet with Patience outside her home. They discuss whether she should ignore her gift or not. Her father believes they need to just go back to how things were. Dean agrees, telling her that the hunter's life leads to nothing but misery and death, and advises her to grab a chance at normal if it's possible. Jody then takes her aside and tells her to do what she wants. She gives Patience her card if she needs to talk, before leaving with Dean.

13.09 The Bad Place

Dean leaves a voicemail for Patience asking for her help finding Jack, and apologizing for telling her to stay out of hunting. Patience tells her father Dean called to ask for her help, and he questions her about her visions that he assumed had stopped. She tells him she hasn’t spoken to Dean yet, but seems conflicted. Patience packs a bag while her father, worried for her safety, tries to talk her out of leaving, but Patience explains that she knows people are in danger and that she could help. She tells him her visions never stopped, but she can’t ignore them any more now that people’s lives are on the line, and leaves and heads to Jody's place. When she arrives she tells Jody that "something bad is coming".

13.10 Wayward Sisters


"Patience Turner, a new member of the Wayward Sisterhood. A high school over-achiever, Patience’s life is turned upside down when she discovers she’s a powerful psychic, a gift she inherited from her estranged grandmother (and season one Supernatural character) Missouri Moseley. Hunted by dark forces for her power, Patience finds refuge with Jody and her wayward family."