Patrick Rawling

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Name Patrick Rawlings
Actor Darcy Hula
Location Claremore, Oklahoma
Episode(s) 14.05 Nightmare Logic


Patrick Rawling is an elderly man whom the djinn, Neil, kept captive on his property to lure and kill hunters. According to his daughter Sasha, Patrick was a narcissistic, emotionally unavailable workaholic.


14.05 Nightmare Logic

When Sam and Dean visit the Rawling home to investigate Maggie's disappearance, they are surprised to find Patrick Rawling bedridden from an apparent stroke, despite having seen a ghoulish version of him on Maggie's body cam footage.

After Dean confronts the ghoulish version of Patrick Rawling in a shed, which blows up into dust, Sam and Dean begin theorizing that Patrick may be exhibiting psychic manifestations like Fred Jones had in the past. When Sam goes to investigate the attic, Dean notices the multiple blood bags around Patrick's bed and realizes that Neil is actually a djinn, slowly draining Patrick of his blood.

After Neil is killed by Dean, the next morning, he unhooks him from the Neil's rig, and Patrick slowly begins to regain consciousness as his daughter sits by his side.