Paul Dutton

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Paul dutton.jpg
Name Paul Arthur Dutton
Actor Jonathan Watton
Location Sturbridge, Massachusetts
Episode(s) 3.09 Malleus Maleficarum


Paul had been having an affair with a women named Amanda Burns, who turned out to be a witch in a neighborhood Coven masquerading as a book club.


3.09 Malleus Maleficarum

Paul and his wife Janet arrive home from a terrible party. As they are preparing for bed, Amanda Burns begins to cast a spell on Janet. As Janet screams for help, Paul rushes to her, but the bathroom door slams shut and the deadbolt locks into place, keeping him out. As he tries in the vain to gain entry, eventually Paul backs up from the door and goes to kick it down, when suddenly door swings slowly open. Paul stares in horror as he sees Janet lying on the floor, dead.

When Sam and Dean arrive in town to investigate the death, Sam is able to find a hex bag in the bathroom where Janet died.

Later, Paul is sitting in his car on the side of the street and begins to eat a burger, at the same time Amanda Burns begins to perform a spell on Paul. As she begins her incantation, Paul's burger becomes infested with maggots, and begins to choke. Sam and Dean arrive in time to find the hex bag and save Paul. Afterwards, Paul tells the brothers about his affair with Amanda, sending them to their next destination.