Paul Hayes

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Name Paul Hayes
Actor Brent Chapman
Dates  ???? – 2012 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Episode(s) 8.03 Heartache


Paul Hayes was the recipient of a kidney transplant that belonged to Brick Holmes, who made a deal with the Mayan god Cacao to stay young. Along with Randa Moreno and Jimmy Tong began making biyearly sacrifices to Cacao.


8.03 Heartache

Sam and Dean question Paul after seeing a surveillance video where he shown passing another jogger before his death. Sam questions as to how Paul was able to out run a younger and healthier jogger, and Paul tells of his health scare the year prior that led to him changing his lifestyle and getting healthy.

Later Sam learns that Paul Hayes was a recipient of a kidney transplant from Brick Holmes after his suicide, and that what ever spell Holmes used to stay young could be compelling Paul to keep the ritual going. Paul along with Randa Moreno and Jimmy Tong are waiting for the Winchesters at the Bunny Hole strip club, where they capture the brothers and plan to use Dean as the final sacrifice of the year to Cacao.

As Randa begins the ritual, Sam smashes a bottle over Paul's head, and begins to grapple with him. Dean is able to plunge a knife into Randa’s heart. As Randa begins to burn with red light/flames a milder red light emanates from the chests of Paul and Jimmy and they fall to the ground dead.