Penny Raider

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Name Penny Raider
Actor Alisen Down
Location Grand Junction, Colorado
Episode(s) 13.05 Advanced Thanatology


Penny Raider is the mother of Shawn Raider.


13.05 Advanced Thanatology

When Sam and Dean get wind of what happened to Shawn Raider, they pay a visit to his home. Penny greets them at the front door, confused as she had already spoken to the police. Sam explains that they wish to speak with her and Shawn themselves. Penny reveals that after the incident Shawn has gone mute from the trauma. While Dean try to get Shawn to talk with him, Sam speaks with Penny, who tells Sam that Shawn's friend Evan is still missing and their other friend, Mike Ramos, doesn't know what happened. She doesn't believe Mike, as the three were extremely close and did everything together.

Later that night, Penny hears Shawn screaming from his bedroom and rushes to him. She calms him down, telling him it was only a bad dream and to get some sleep, finally getting Shawn to speak. The following morning she calls Sam. When he and Dean arrive at her home, she explains that after checking on Shawn, she went back to her room when she felt a cold chill. Thinking Shawn had opened a window, she went back to his room to close it, only to find him missing.

After dispatching the ghosts, the next morning Sam and Dean call the authorities to deal with the victim's bodies. Sam consoles Penny as she waits for Shawn's body to be wheeled out of the home. With tears in her eyes, she mourns over his dead body as Sam and Dean leave the scene.