Peter Jenkins

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Name Peter Jenkins
Actor Andrew Jenkins
Dates  ???? – 1935 (killed by James Haggerty)
Occupation Men of Letters
Episode(s) 9.04 Slumber Party


Peter Jenkins was one of the first two Men of Letters to enter the the bunker, along with James Haggerty.


9.04 Slumber Party

Upon first entering the bunker, Jenkins was very excited about his new assignment, believing that the bunker was the "last true beacon of light in a world gone topsy-turvy" and the "epicenter of -- of the ultimate chess match between good and evil."

After six months of inactivity, Jenkins' view of the bunker became less rosy, lamenting the lack of adventure in his and Haggerty's assignment. Not long after voicing his frustration, Dorothy arrives with the Wicked Witch of the West looking for help in killing her. Once the Wicked Witch is able to free herself, she takes control of Peter's mind. She speaks through him, demanding what once belonged to her. She then uses Jenkins to attack Haggerty, who is forced to kill him.