Phantom Attacker

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Phantom Attacker

A being that cannot be described as human, the phantom attacker harasses its victims, taking away their sense of security. The victims describe these encounters as traumatic, because what assaulted them was strange, unusual, and obviously not human. Those who have been attacked live with a horrifying fear that cannot be explained. Famous phantom attackers include the Mothman, shadow people, the Springheeled Jack, and the chupacabra.

Pad of Definitions (1.15 The Benders), Official Website

1.15 The Benders

Sam: Yeah, maybe not. Except for this—Dad marked the area, Dean. Possible hunting grounds of a phantom attacker.
Dean: Why would he even do that?
Sam: Well, he found a lot of local folklore about a dark figure that comes out at night. Grabs people, then vanishes. He found this too—this county has more missing persons per capita than anywhere else in the state.
Dean: That is weird.
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: Don’t phantom attackers usually snatch people from their beds? Jenkins was taken from a parking lot.
Sam: Well, there are all kinds. You know, Spring Heeled Jacks, phantom gassers. They take people anywhere, anytime. Look, Dean, I don’t know if this is our kind of gig either.

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