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Name Philippe
Actor Ben Wilkinson
Location Duluth, Minnesota
Occupation Werewolf
Episode(s) 14.02 Gods and Monsters


Philippe is the leader of a centuries-old werewolf pack who is among the first to join Michael and his new monster army.


14.02 Gods and Monsters

Michael, in the vessel of Dean Winchester, finds a werewolf looking for victims in a bar and forces her to set up a meeting with her pack leader, Philippe. At this meeting, Michael suggests forming an army of enhanced monsters to enslave the human race. Later, four werewolves enhanced by Michael's experiments attack Sam, Mary Winchester, and Bobby Singer in an abandoned church as part of Michael's trap. Thanks to their enhancements, the werewolves prove to be immune to silver bullets and blades. However, they are still vulnerable to decapitation and the hunters manage to kill all four werewolves.