Pig in a Poke

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Dean: Hey, Tuesday. Pig in a poke.
Sam: Do you even know what that is?

Dean and Sam, 3.11 Mystery Spot

The Pig 'n a Poke is a breakfast that Dean orders in 3.11 Mystery Spot. It costs $3.99 and looks like one damn tasty meal. He tries ordering it different ways in order to change the day's outcome - his dying - but to no avail.

Pig in a poke is a sausage dish usually served for breakfast. It consists of sausages cooked in a thick batter (a bit like a Yorkshire pudding). It also refers to an expression meaning to buy a pig in a poke is to buy it sight unseen. The expression refers to an old practice used by devious salesmen, who offered to sell a customer a pig, but instead gave them a cat in a box or bag.

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