Pontiac Acadian

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Pontiac Acadian
Model 1983 Pontiac Acadian
Plates 3 2E6
Color Tan
Owner(s) Dean Winchester
Appearance(s) 7.06 Slash Fiction

Dean: Nobody puts baby in a corner!

Sam: You know that's a line from...

Dean: Swayze movie! Swayze always gets a pass!

Dean and Sam, 7.06 Slash Fiction


My Little Pony.

When Leviathan!Sam and Leviathan!Dean go on a killing spree (while driving a '67 Impala) causing the real Sam and Dean to become America's 2nd most wanted criminals, Frank Devereaux advises the boys to lock up the Impala to avoid detection.[1]

The first car they drive after storing the Impala is a four door hatchback Pontiac Acadian (possibly an '83 model) with Wyoming plates: 3 2E6.[1] The Pontiac Acadian was a version of the Chevrolet Chevette sold in Canada from 1976 to 1987.[2]

Hanging from the rearview mirror is a My Little Pony - similar too Rosedust Queen of the Flutter ponies - which Dean cuts down with a knife and throws in the back seat. It is later seen in the trunk along with the severed heads of the leviathans.[1]