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Name Portia
Actor Mishael Morgan
Occupation Familiar
Episode(s) 8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits


Portia is a familiar connected to the police detective / witch James Frampton. Portia becomes concerned when James began suffering from dreams that consisted of him murdering people. After James finds out that the dreams that he's been having were coming true, he blocks her from telepathically communicating with him so that she wouldn't find out what was happening any further. Portia then enlists the help of Sam and Dean Winchester via text message under the guise that it was James who sent the text.


8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits

When Sam and Dean arrive at a hotel in the town, Portia pays a visit to check while under the form of a dog. She hurriedly uses her senses to find out that Sam is a dog lover. She also deduces the fact that she isn't fond of Dean since he hates dogs and witches in general. After explaining herself to them, she takes them to see James Frampton.

Portia, along with Dean investigates the local gathering place for witches. She approaches a fellow familiar Phillippe, who is Spencer's familiar. They are told that there isn't a spell out there that can cause people to murder others and no-one knows who would be targeting James.

Portia in her familiar form.

Aware that their investigation wasn't improving, Portia and Sam & Dean decide to chain James up to his bed as a safe measure. Portia and James become intimate with each other and both proceed to engage in sexual intercourse. This allows Portia to enter James's mind and she finally figures out that James hasn't been the one murdering the people, as his memories of the murders only show him actually committing the murders without any sign that he anticipated or prepared to commit the crimes himself. Dean and Sam arrive, under the assumption that James is the one killing the people, barge into the room to kill James but not before being stopped by Portia who exclaims that James is innocent.

Next day, Portia and Dean meet up with a snitch named Drexil, who reveals that the witch community is worried and if James doesn't stop murdering people he will be either forced to leave or commit suicide, much to the shock of Portia.

When James is given information that detective Ed Stoltz is building a case against him, he decides to use astral projection to check out what information they have against him, which worries Portia. He finds out that Phillippe had filled in a witness report against James and noticing that he going out to get revenge, tries to stop him but is ordered to leave him alone. When James confronts Phillippe, he finds out that it was Spencer who was trying to frame him. After hearing Spencer's confession Portia attacks him to protect James and the Winchesters, all of whom have been incapacitated, thus giving the Winchesters enough time to kill Spencer.

Portia and James decide to leave town due and both bid farewell to Sam and Dean.