Promax/BDA Promotion and Marketing Awards

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Promax/BDA is the worldwide association of entertainment marketers, promoters and designers, representing television stations and major broadcast and cable networks from the U.S. as well as members in 70 countries.

On June 20, 2007 The CW Network's marketing team won 19 honors during the annual Promax/BDA 2007 Promotion and Marketing Awards. The Free to Be campaign won a number of awards as did Supernatural for the following:

  • Drama Program Promotion - "Supernatural" "Tunnel" :30 (GOLD)
  • Editing - "Supernatural" "Infected" :30 (GOLD)
  • Sound Design - "Supernatural" "Tunnel" - Sound :30 (GOLD)
  • Use of Library Music for a Promos - "Supernatural" "Cut You Down" - Music :30 (GOLD)
  • Drama Program Promotion - "Supernatural" "Cut You Down" :30 (SILVER)

  • Promax/BDA also sponsor the Making the Cut competition where students made an official promo for Supernatural.