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Name Prometheus
Shane (Name given by Hayley)
Actor John Reardon
Dates  ???? – 2013 (sacrifices himself)
Occupation Titan
Episode(s) 8.16 Remember the Titans


Prometheus is a Greek Titan (a proto-god) who stole the Flames of Olympia after Zeus revoked mankind's ability to make fire. His actions gave humanity protection from monsters and, according to Zeus, caused the Greek gods to lose their hold over the world. As an act of revenge, Zeus chained Prometheus to a mountain somewhere in Europe and cursed him to relive death everyday and have his liver eaten by an eagle to ensure it. Before his imprisonment, Prometheus had a secret relationship with Zeus' daughter Artemis. For thousands of years, Prometheus was cursed until an avalanche freed him in 2006, though by that time, the constant cycle death and resurrection had caused him to gain amnesia.

Shortly after being freed, he met Hayley, the only survivor of a group who were caught in the same avalanche. Because of him, they made their way off the mountain, falling in love along the way. As he had no memory of who he was, Hayley named him "Shane." After he died of a heart attack while having sex with her, Hayley fled out of fear and Prometheus ended up living in Montana for seven years until two pot farmers shot him twice and chased him off. Unbeknownst to him, Hayley became pregnant with his child, a demigod named Oliver.


8.16 Remember the Titans

An eagle eating the liver of Prometheus.

Walking along a street in Great Falls, Montana, Prometheus is hit by a drunk driver who falls asleep at the wheel and dies. The next morning, a deputy finds his frozen body with an eagle eating his liver, but when the deputy goes to call in his death with a dispatch officer, Prometheus comes back to life and leaves.

The next day, Sam and Dean investigate his death and resurrection, believing him to be a zombie. By that time, Prometheus was mauled by a grizzly bear and his body was stored in the morgue when they arrive in Livingston, Montana. Prometheus awakens and Sam and Dean hold him at gunpoint, but he asks if they kill him, to do it permanently as he can no longer stand the endless cycle of death and rebirth.

At their motel, Prometheus explains his history after they conduct a Silver, Salt, Holy Water Test. That night, while he's sleeping, Artemis arrives, but when he asks who she is, she realizes he doesn't remember her and attacks him with a dagger, but a confused Prometheus manages to fight her off. When he repeats his question, Artemis tells him that she's just become his worst enemy before disappearing with her dagger. Soon afterwards, Prometheus dies again of a heart attack resulting from exhaustion.

The next morning, Prometheus comes back to life and finds Hayley waiting outside with his son, Oliver. While Prometheus plays with his son, Sam uncovers his real identity from the lore. His search also identifies Artemis as a daughter of Zeus, who was known to carry weapons capable of killing immortals. They reveal their discoveries to the amnesiac titan, but just as they decide to take Prometheus and his family to the bunker for safety, Oliver dies from a head injury resulting from a fall and they realize he inherited Prometheus's curse.

The group travels to the Bunker where they explain the situation to Hayley. At first, she has trouble accepting the truth, but Prometheus agrees it's the only thing that makes sense about his condition. While Hayley goes to check in on a resurrected Oliver, Sam, Dean, and Prometheus begin their research on Zeus. Dean finds the journal of an ancient Greek hunter named Drakopoulos who managed to summon and trap Zeus before discovering how to kill him, a wooden stake made from a tree struck by lightning. With the summoning spell and protective circle in hand, Prometheus and Sam set out to a nearby graveyard to retrieve a bone from one of a worshipper of Zeus while Dean and Hayley head to a New Age shop to purchase fulgurite, since the spell calls for "frozen energy from the hand of Zeus".

At the graveyard, Prometheus questions Sam on why he is helping him. In return, Sam questions why he saved humanity in the first place, though he couldn't remember. Sam explains his actions saved the world as a result, but Prometheus says it wouldn't matter to him unless he saves his son.

Prometheus kills himself and Zeus with Artemis' arrow.

At a warehouse, Sam and Dean summon and trap Zeus and ask him to break the curse on Oliver. Zeus only agrees to do it if they break the trap, but when they decide to leave him trapped in the warehouse, Hayley gives into her desperation and breaks the trap. Instead of breaking the curse, Zeus stuns Prometheus, Sam, and Dean with a blast of lightning and revels in the fact that Prometheus has a child afflicted by the same curse he carries, though he never could've predicted that a child would suffer a horrible fate. Zeus plans to have Prometheus suffer through his son's death for eternity and feel that pain as a greater form of revenge for his actions. Zeus summons Artemis, the Goddess of Hunters, who leads Sam and Dean to their deaths, but after realizing she was in love with Prometheus, Sam convinces her to turn on her father. After beating up and zapping Prometheus repeatedly, Zeus prepares to kill Oliver in front of Prometheus, but Artemis intervenes and demands Zeus release everyone. When he refuses, Artemis shoots an arrow at him, but he pulls Prometheus in front of the arrow, mortally wounding him. As Zeus taunts him about how he never tires of watching Prometheus die, he declares that Oliver will be sent to the mountain to take his place, Prometheus pushes the arrow through himself and into Zeus's heart, sacrificing his life and killing his adversary in a blast of lightning. Artemis mourns their deaths before leaving with her father's body, leaving her bow and arrow.

Prometheus' sacrifice breaks the curse on Oliver, who's now free to live a normal life. Sam and Dean take his body into the woods and give him a Hunter's Funeral, where Hayley apologizes for causing his death.

Prometheus in Lore

Prometheus is a Titan and considered a cultural hero in Greek mythology. He is credited for the creation of man from clay, and enabling the progress of civilization by stealing fire from Mount Olympus for the benefit of humanity. Because of his transgression the god Zeus punished Prometheus to an eternity of torment, where he would be bound to a rock and Zeus's eagle Aquila would come and eat his liver, forcing him to suffer death every day. In some versions of the story, Heracles, the half-mortal son of Zeus, is the one who kills the eagle and frees Prometheus from his prison.