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Pyrokinesis is the ability to control and/or manipulate fire.


1.01 Pilot

When Mary walks in on Azazel feeding Sam his blood, she is pinned to the ceiling. When John goes to Sam's nursery to investigate, he witnesses Mary become engulfed in flames.

After successfully stopping the Woman in White, Sam reruns to his home to find Jessica pinned to the ceiling and set aflame, the modus operandi matching his mother's death. It is later revealed that the demon Brady was the one who killed her under Azazel's orders.

4.20 The Rapture

When Castiel possesses Claire, he is able to burn the ropes restraining her.

5.13 The Song Remains The Same

With a simple touch, Michael incinerates Anna into ash.

5.19 Hammer of the Gods

Going up against Lucifer, Kali's arms ignite as she attempts to engulf him in flames. The attack proves unsuccessful.

6.03 The Third Man

Castiel extinguishes the holy fire surrounding Balthazar after he releases his hold over Aaron Birch's soul.

6.08 All Dogs Go To Heaven

To prove his power over Sam's soul, Crowley taps Sam's hand, burning a hole onto it as if by a cigar.

6.10 Caged Heat

In an attempt to fool Sam and Dean, Castiel lights a bag of human bones on fire. The Winchesters believe them to be Crowley's, who fakes his death.

8.01 We Need To Talk About Kevin

Crowley uses his powers to heat up the handle of Ruby's knife to make Dean drop it.

8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler

When the Golem of Vitsyebsk is sent by the Judah Initiative to attack the Nazi compound in Belarus back in 1944, Commandant Eckhart uses a spell to teleport away from the scene and burn the compound to ash around the Golem.

While searching for the Red Ledger, Torvald uses a spell to cause Rabbi Issac Bass to spontaneously combust in a college bar.

9.16 Blade Runners

Cuthbert Sinclair uses a Chinese fire spell to heat up Dean's machete, forcing him to drop it.

12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For

Commandant Nauhaus uses a spell to spontaneously combust Marvin Brickle and Candy Lloyd in order to retrieve his pocket watch. He later uses the same spell to kill Ellie Grant's date to get to her, but she escapes.

12.08 LOTUS

When Lucifer, while possessing President Jefferson Rooney, holds a Bible to say a prayer, it burns the cross from the book onto his right hand.

When Kelly Kline places her hand on a Bible after Castiel explains that her Nephilim child is unholy, the cover bursts into flames.

12.19 The Future

After being imbued with the unborn Nephilim's powers, Castiel incinerates Dagon, killing her.

12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

When Max Banes revives Alicia as a Twigs & Twine Doll, he incinerates his sister's corpse, giving her a hunter's funeral pyre.

12.23 All Along the Watchtower

Immediately after Jack Kline is born, his footprints are singed onto the ground.

13.14 Good Intentions

When Jack tries to break himself and Mary free from Michael's Fortress, he uses his powers to melt the grate on the window.

13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive

When Gabriel regains some of his strength and sanity, he is able to effortlessly incinerate the Prince of Hell Asmodeus with a wave of his hand.