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Quattro Formaggio (lit. “four cheese”, which is grammatically incorrect but they decided to go with it anyway) is American cover band that plays almost exclusively in Rome, once a year, on Monday night, after the Jus In Bello Convention. The band was formed in 2015 after Richard and Jensen joined Rob and Jason on stage at the concert originally held at the "Jailbreak " venue.

Members of the band are Rob Benedict, Jason Manns, Richard Speight, Jr. and Jensen Ackles. The occasional fifth member of the band is Laura Tiberi who is one of the . All the band members play the guitar and sing, though mostly only Rob and/or Jason and sometimes Laura play the guitar.

Usual set-list consist of “Wagon Wheel”, “Seven Bridges Road”, “The Weight” and a few other songs.

They once give themselves cheese nicknames but they don’t use them, nor remember them for that matter. Jensen – Sharp Cheddar Formaggio Jason – Provolone Formaggio Richard – Munster Formaggio Rob – Brie Formaggio Laura – Laura Formaggio

They have played at every JIB since 2015 (2017 without Richard) and they also once played on the American soil at convention in Salute to Supernatural Nashville 2017.

At the Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2019 convention there was opportunity to purchase a Quattro Formaggio photo op.