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There is so much Supernatural fanfic that finding the stories you want to read can be a challenge. Rec communities provide recommendations on fan creations -- primarily fiction, but also art and vids. The fans providing the recommendation will usually highlight some features of a story or fanwork that they particularly liked.

Other places which to look for stories are communities that run Fanfic challenges & exchanges, the Supernatural Fic Link Archive or one of the Fan Fic Archives. Character, pairing and genre entries on the Super Wiki also will have links to communities specific to that interest.

Tumblr rec communities

  • Destiel Fanfics A blog dedicated to collecting, reviewing, and organising Destiel fanfiction.

Reddit rec subreddits

  • Fandomnatural hosts weekly fanfic recommendation threads, the results of which are posted on the community's tumblr here under the tag "fft" as well as its delicious account here

Twitter rec communities

Livejournal rec communities

  • spnnewsletter has a Rec section collating both community and individual recs each day.
  • crack_impala a multimedia rec community covering all genres and pairings.
  • sawedoff_recs a multimedia rec community covering all genres and pairings. Ceased posting August 2011, but you can still access all the recs.
  • Re(c)-hymenated is a Dean/Castiel rec community, which also features interviews with authors.
  • spnroundtable has monthly themed rec posts from guest reccers in addition to sessions where authors and artists talk about their work, as well as chat posts on different topics.
  • spn_themes features regular posts focusing on fics connected by a common theme or character eg stories focussing on sport, or college AUs.
  • Spn Storyfinders is a comm where people can request recs on a certain theme, or find particular stories. Amazing resource.
  • SPN Kink finder - similar to storyfinders, it has a particular focus on stories focussing on sexual kinks and fetishes.
  • winabler reccing comm with weekly themes - inactive since 2008
  • Rock Salt recs - started in 2012, a rec community covering all genres of Supernatural and RPF fic.
  • Crack Van is a multi-fandom rec community, where guests rec fic in their fandom for a month. While Supernatural is featured, reccing has become irregular as fandom-specific communities have grown.
  • Sam and Dean entric recs - mainly Wincest but does include Gen.
  • SPN Nightcrawler - more a fic link archive than a rec list, but a good place to go to find fic featuring certain types of creatures eg werewolves, vampires etc

Rec Lists

These are themed lists maintained by a single fan which recommends stories. Please feel free to add your own to this list: