Reverend Jim Meyers

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Name Reverend Jim Meyers
Actor Tom Butler
Location Grantsburg, Wisconsin
Occupation Reverend
Episode(s) 9.12 Sharp Teeth


Reverend Jim Meyers is the head of a congregation of werewolves in Grantsburg, Wisconsin. He is the father of Bess Fitzgerald and husband to Joy Meyers. Reverend Jim's first wife was killed by a hunter soon after Bess was born. On that same day he chose to look forward for the sake of his newborn daughter, rather than seek revenge for his wife. Jim eventually took over as pack leader after Joy's fathers death, and upon taking over the congregation, he steered the Maw of Fenris away from domination over humanity, preaching peaceful co-existence instead.


9.12 Sharp Teeth

Reverend Jim welcomes Dean with open arms when Garth invites him to the Meyers' home to see how, as werewolves they are not a threat to anyone. A short time later all are seated at the table and commence eating Sunday dinner. During dinner Reverend Jim tells Dean about the day his daughter Bess was born and the tragedy of his wife being killed by a hunter.

Later when Dean is certain Reverend Jim is up to something shady, he breaks into the church to find proof, and learns about the Maw of Fenris. Just as he is about to leave, Dean hears a car door shut, followed by Reverend Jim entering the church, he tries to hide but Jim is able to find him sensing his heartbeat. Dean then confronts him about the Maw of Fenris, which Reverend Jim tells him they aren't planning anything, as since he took over they have abandoned the old ways. When Dean shows him the silver bullet carved with "Ragnarok" it dawns on Reverend Jim that Joy is behind the resurrection of the Maw.

In the aftermath, Reverend Jim is shown mourning his lost family members, as well blaming himself for not seeing the signs of what was going on earlier.

15.10 The Heroes' Journey

To help with Sam's cold, Bess gives him a cure all tonic her father used to make, which is mostly composed of cayenne pepper. Sam experiences a downright unpleasant burning sensation as a result, but makes a quick recovery.