Richard Roman Enterprises

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Richard Roman Enterprises

Richard Roman, a CEO whose company dominates the defense and aviation sectors, not to mention being a giant in the motivational-speaking world.

– Gloria Jane, 7.22 There Will Be Blood


Richard Roman Enterprises is the corporation owned and run by its namesake, Dick Roman. Its headquarters are located at 707 Osterman Ave, Deerfield, IL.[1] It is involved in many different markets, like real-estate and the food industry, as it owns several subsidiaries. After Dick Roman is killed by Dean Winchester, the company collapses and goes bankrupt.

A version of the company also existed in the Apocalypse World and employed Charlie Bradbury until the Apocalypse ended the world.


Dick and Dr. Gaines overseeing their experiments.

7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

According to a news featurette about Dick, the CEO, he has been acquiring more and more companies for a quite while and had become one of the top 35 most powerful men in the United States. Dean, Sam, and Bobby are surveying a warehouse where the Leviathans are keeping people affected by their additive that turns them into stoners, Dick is not pleased with the experiment's results and has Dr. Gaines eat himself as punishment. Bobby gets captured, but manages to steal some important files from Dick. The brothers break in to rescue him and, just as they all make their escape, Dick comes out of the building and shoots Bobby.

Dick in his office.

7.11 Adventures in Babysitting

Frank says the numbers Bobby gave the Winchesters in 7.10 Death's Door are GPS coordinates that lead to a field in Wisconsin. The land was recently purchased by Wellman, Inc., a subsidiary of Richard Roman Enterprises. They decide to travel there and set up surveillance, but when they arrive they find security cameras already in place. They leave and, once back at his RV, Frank hacks into the cameras. Frank watches the camera feeds and notes the appearance of Amanda Willer, an employee of Dick Roman, and a crew surveying the land to prepare to build something.

7.16 Out with the Old

Sam and Dean run into a leviathan case in Portland, Oregon where land is being purchased by two leviathans, Joyce Bicklebee and her assistant George. Their real estate company is owned by GeoThrive Inc. which is a part of Richard Roman Enterprises. After dispatching Joyce, Sam and Dean learn from George that they're planning to build a research center to cure cancer.

7.20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

During the episode a fake ad airs for a corporation called SucroCorp. A subsidiary of Richard Roman Enterprises, the name is a reference to high fructose corn syrup, a commonly used sweetener in the U.S. which is suspected of being an increased source of weight gain and also to contain source of mercury, a neurotoxin. Both obesity and altered brain functions which are similar to the effects of the food additive being trialed in the Turducken sandwiches at Biggerson's in 7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters.

Dick Roman is restrained by Bobby.

Charlie Bradbury, an IT employee at RRE, is asked by Dick to hack into Frank's hard drive and get any info on Sam and Dean. She later sees her boss, Pete being cloned and eaten by one of Dick's minions. Sam and Dean find her and tell her about the Leviathans, getting her to help them erase what is on the drive as well as locate a special package (the Word of God) that Dick is after. Dick tries to stop them from leaving the building, but is pushed back by Bobby's ghost, allowing them to escape.

8.08 Hunteri Heroici

It's mentioned that a year prior (presumably shortly after Dean killed Dick), Richard Roman Enterprises went bankrupt. A man ends up killing himself because he invested everything in the company and lost it all when it collapsed.

8.11 LARP and the Real Girl

When Sam and Dean encounter Charlie Bradbury again, she explains that after Dick Roman was killed and the company went "belly-up," she felt safe enough to emerge from hiding and start a new life under a new identity.

14.06 Optimism

Apocalypse World Charlie Bradbury revealed to Sam, that much like her counterpart, she worked as a programmer for Richard Roman Enterprises in Chicago, Illinois. Unlike the other Charlie, this one met her true love while working at the company, only to lose her during the Apocalypse.