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Richard Speight, Jr. played the archangel Gabriel, who was hiding on Earth as a demi-god called "The Trickster."


Born: September 4, 1969 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Parents: Barbara and Richard Speight.
Siblings: Two older sisters, Barby and Lindy.
Spouse: Jaci Kathryn Hays, a dot-com executive in California, married since June 28, 2003.
Children: Three sons; Steve, Fletcher and Frank.

Richard started taking tap lessons when he was about five, then started dancing as an extra in ballets and dance groups.

When he began acting, Richard first he played in local commercials and local plays and films, later he got minor roles in Disney Channel shows and movies. While he started his acting career rather early it was not his only activity in these years. He attended an academic all-boys prep school, so studying second year Latin and doing all the prep school academic requirements, but he was also playing football, and ran track.

After high school, he attended Montgomery Bell Academy and the University of Southern California's School of Theater, graduating cum laude.

Richard also plays the guitar and bass, played in the band Fugitive Pope.



He played Sgt. Warren "Skip" Muck in the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning World War II miniseries Band of Brothers, had a recurring role as Deputy Bill Kohler on Jericho and also previously starred on The Agency and appeared in ER, JAG, Party of Five and Running the Halls.

In 2000 he starred in the short-film In God We Trust. He was in Memphis Beat, a few episodes of Look and had a recurring role on Justified (2011-2012). He appeared in indie films such as AppleBox (2011) and Crave (2011) as well as the lead actor in the comedy movie Three Blind Saints (2011).

Richard has also been seen in several commercials for e.g. Capital One Credit Card, IBM, Disney, Diet Pepsi (2003) and Pepsi Max (2010-2012, see also Pepsi Angel).

#Kings of Con
Richard and Rob Benedict produced a web series titled Kings of Con that takes a comedic look at the convention world. Rob and Rich wrote, starred in and produced the series.

Richard Speight at the end of directing his first episode of Supernatural, with camera operator Jose Manzano.



Richard's role in Supernatural Conventions

Richard posing in the same outfit as Dean in "After School Special."

Richard serves as emcee for Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural events. He is the first to hit the stage each day, running through the convention's Rules and Regulations with his own style of humor, before introducing each guest. He welcomes and sends off each guest, often finishing up guest Q & As with a 'Lightning Round”.

Richard also hosts the Karaoke Kings Party on Friday night's with fellow convention regular Matthew Cohen. Karaoke is free for anyone who would like to join in. Attendees are persuaded to come in costume based on a predetermined theme. The event started out small but has become a Supernatural convention tradition with a loyal following.

Attendees who are present for the first day of conventions have a special place in Richard's heart. Typically, conventions begin on Fridays, so he has dubbed these con-goers 'Friday People.' Friday People have the opportunity to purchase a shirt adorned with Richard's face, only available on Fridays. This is another example of Richard's mark on the Supernatural convention circuit.

Aside from his hosting duties, you can see Richard onstage for various panels, as well as joining Louden Swain for multiple songs during the band's own convention event – the Saturday Night Special. You can catch him offstage at the autograph table (often signing karaoke memorabilia free of charge) and in various photo ops - including a “Pre-Game” convention kick off op with onstage sidekick Rob Benedict and multiple Karaoke Kings ops, both in costume and out.

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Richard Speight posted a great image of him from his new movie, a Western called Old Henry.