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In late January of 2021, Chad Lindberg and Samantha Ferris began roleplaying on their official Twitter accounts as the Supernatural characters they played previously: Ash and Ellen Harvelle, respectively. Ferris responded to one of Lindberg's tweets celebrating Dean's birthday by writing, "Ok @ChadLindberg... what the what. I’ve been busy as dirt these last few days but I hear some rumblings about our livelihood, and beloved home sweet home, Harvelle’s. What’s shakin, bacon? #SPNFamily #SPN #spn #Supernatural #SPNFamilyForever" The two exchanged a few more in character tweets, prompting fans to respond also in character as attendees of the Roadhouse in Heaven, post episode 15.20 Carry On. Their discussion of Valentine's Day and "wedding season" prompted fans of Destiel to being planning an online event for the fandom's wedding of Dean and Castiel, excitedly replying to both Lindberg and Harvelle's tweets with things like "SAMATHA, DONT LIKE THIS REPLY IF DEANCAS ARE GONNA GET MARRIED IN THE ROADHOUSE WITH DR. BADASS OFFICIATING." The pair did not address the Destiel fans responding to them directly, though some fans interpreted some tweets of theirs as being supportive. Both swiftly gained over 100K followers on Twitter, which Lindberg stated was a milestone he had never hit before. On February 14th, 2021, Lindberg and Ferris RPed a (generic, not related to shipping or a wedding) Valentine's event at the Roadhouse, including an attack by angels that destroyed part of the Roadhouse, while Destiel fans responded to these tweets as themselves attending Dean and Castiel's wedding. During this, the hashtag "#DeanCasWedding" trended up to number 4 internationally with over 45K tweets.

The next day, Ferris posted an image on Twitter of Jensen Ackles as Dean, asking "No Greeting? No hug?" to which Lindberg responded, "He was THERE?!" Destiel fans responded to these tweets with messages like "Damn right he was, he was the groom," which both actors ignored. Ferris went on to respond to a tweet asking "Where is everyone getting this wedding idea from?" by saying in a tweet, "Wedding?! What wedding? No honey...we were just celebrating Valentine’s Day at Harvelle’s," to which Lindberg responded, "The only thing that got married last night was Elvis's fist to Ash's jaw." Destiel fans responded by saying things like "Disappointed but not surprised," accusing Lindberg of hinting at being open to the idea of Destiel wedding event, and explaining that though they didn't expect the actors to participate, they felt hurt that they believed they were led on by Lindberg and invalidated by the denial tweets both made the next day, despite no denials being made prior to the event. The next day, Lindberg went on to tweet a thread explaining that his references to Detiel and a wedding were unintentional, and "As I respect all feelings & views of this Fandom I won't stand for bullying. ... State your views, however I'll be blocking any rude or nastiness today." He continued to engage with fans for the rest of the day, blocking many Destiel fans, and responding to one fan's accusation that the in-character tweets dismissing the wedding were hurtful with, "Nooooooo we did nothing to hurt you. This is your perception. Sorry you feel this way. Take good care." He accused fans of bullying him, including an in character tweet referring to this fan outrage as "the Roadhouse insurrection," phrasing that didn't sit well with some fans given the real-life insurrection by Trump supporters on the US Capitol the previous month. He went on to apologize twice by saying, "My intentions were to never hurt anyone's feelings but to give many people the fun they so deserve. My apologies if any you of thought differently. Many aspects of this Fandom run deep, I understand that. I got NOTHING but love for you all." and "If any of you felt invalidated in any way I'm sorry. I understand there are aspects of this Fandom that I'm still learning. Quite frankly, all I ever want to do is validate your precious hearts & souls. That's why I respond so much. You're worth it. Cheers." However, some fans pointed out that these apologies were conditional, Lindberg did not immediately unblock any Destiel fan accounts he had previously blocked prior to these messages, and both his and Ferris' follow count on Twitter dropped from over 100K to 97K over the following two days.

Over the next week, Lindberg continued to express love for his fans, "except ones that feel hatred is necessary". On the 18th, he unblocked some of the Destiel fans he had blocked previously and addressed one fan directly to explain that, "Some of my references happened to intertwine with the deep layers of the Fandom that I simply did not understand. People have to understand not all of the actors have seen all the episodes." On the 20th, he tweeted, "Thank you all for your voices. For giving me introspection and growth. You've all been on my mind tremendously. I'm listening and learning. Love you." Some fans were appreciative of this stance, though others accused Lindberg of being performative.

On St Patrick's Day 2021, Ferris posted an image of an army green trench coat (which looked like Dean's green coat in the preview) hanging next to a beige trench coat. The idea was that the green coat was Castiel's for St. Patrick's day, but some fans took it as a reference to Destiel, since it appeared that the green coat was Dean's if you didn't click on the full image or interpreted the beige coat as Castiel's and the green trench as belonging to someone he was with. When accused of queerbaiting again for this image, Lindberg responded, "children must be bored" and "You can stop's not a good look for you," as well as other sarcastic responses to fans of the ship. Ferris bragged about blocking/muting all of the responders. She responded to someone who sided with her that, "We found it funny & also kinda sad. Neither of us know what queerbaiting is, but there’s an agenda going on here that has nothing to do with us." One of the people defending her said, "Not everything has to be or should be or even is about “queers” or anything else... it’s them just having fun so just quit!" and Ferris responded, "And this is why we will keep doing it. #roadhousetweets. Fun. Light. Not hurting anyone. ", upsetting many fans who pointed out that this person's use of the word "queers" as a slur was offensive.

After arguing with kindness to many negative comments for a few days, on 3/20/21, Lindberg tweeted "What stone shall I turn over today to unleash the Twitter fuckery that lurks beneath the surface...??*puts on coffee* Let's roll." One fan responded to a tweet of Ferris's with an article defining queerbaiting, to which Lindberg responded, "Thank you for sending this my way, I watched the entire thing. As a working professional in this business since 96', I've always championed for representation in my work and characters I've explored. I can see the points you are making here. I had never heard of "queerbaiting". My heart doesn't know this term and would do no such thing. I don't judge. I encourage ALL representation."