Rockin' Roxy

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Name Roxanne Gilbert
Actor Bridget Reagan
Occupation Pirate Radio DJ
Akrida Leader (formerly)
Episode(s) 1.02 Teach Your Children Well
1.03 You're Lost Little Girl‎‎
1.05 Legend of a Mind
1.07 Reflections
1.10 Suspicious Minds


Roxanne Gilbert aka Rockin' Roxy is a pirate radio DJ based in Lawrence, Kansas. At some point she became the vessel for a leader of the Akrida. After the Akrida was sent back to its own universe by Mary Campbell with the Ostium, Roxy was freed of its control and survived her possession, although Roxy's months long ordeal ruined her life.


1.02 Teach Your Children Well

A hooded Roxy takes some of the essence from the recently killed La Tunda, and leads a group of Akrida through the forest.

1.03 You're Lost Little Girl‎‎

Rockin' Roxy is heard throughout Lawrence playing songs on her pirate radio station.

After her shift is finished, Roxy waits outside her studio for an Akrida to deliver a piece of fabric from Bori Baba's remains. She produces a small bottle, and proceeds to extract and trap a piece of Bori Baba's essence with a smile on her face.

1.05 Legend of a Mind

The Monster Club realizes that Roxy, whose real name is revealed to be Roxanne Gilbert, is actually the Akrida leader and is using her broadcasts to draw rare monsters to the area. As the hunters listen to her broadcast, another Akrida in a human vessel approaches Roxy and reveals that Mary Campbell didn't succumb to their control. The other Akrida worries that the hunters will be a problem, but Roxy reassures him that they'll get the hunters the way they want eventually.

1.07 Reflections

Roxy and an Akrida puppeted police officer pull over Carlos Cervantez and Mary Campbell. Roxy tells Mary she wants to make a deal, her father for the Ostium, and gives Mary a specific time and location to be for more information on the trade.

After getting the Ostium working again, the Monster Club locates the Akrida's new hideout. When confronted by Roxy and a few Akrida, Mary uses the Ostium to suck in an Akrida, as well as the one possessing Roxy, causing Roxy's body to collapse.

1.10 Suspicious Minds

Seeking information on the Akrida queen, Carlos and Lata track down Roxy, who survived her possession and exorcism, to a motel room where she is passed out, drunk. Roxy reveals that she remembers her possession in the form of nightmares and that being under Akrida control for months has cost her everything: her job, girlfriend and apartment. Lata offers to help Roxy remember what she went through and then to erase the memories from her mind completely, something that Roxy agrees to.

Using a form of magical hypnosis taught to her by Tony Monroe, Lata places Roxy into a trance where she recalls the moment of her possession and her months under Akrida control. Roxy is able to give Carlos and Lata an underground location in Kansas just a couple of hours away. When Roxy awakens from her trance, Lata prepares to erase her memories, but Roxy changes her mind, deciding to keep her memories so that Roxy can know that her ordeal helped to stop the Akrida. Roxy begins to dispose of her alcohol and sober up, asking that the Monster Club give her a shot at the Akrida queen if they can.