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Jared Padalecki hosting the first episode of Room 401

Room 401 debuted on MTV in July, 2007 and is hosted by Jared Padalecki, the show is a horror version of Punk'd or Candid Camera. Unlike Ashton Kutcher in Punk'd, Jared is simply the narrator and isn't involved in the execution or revelation of the pranks.

from the MTV website:

From executive producer Ashton Kutcher, Room 401 is a mind-blowing journey through the weird and shocking world of illusion. Unsuspecting victims are swept into the middle of a real-life horror movie that's playing out right in front of their eyes. From the dead rising from the grave to messy chainsaw mishaps to electrifying salon encounters, these onlookers won't believe what they're seeing. Or will they?

‎* Watch a clip of Room 401